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  1. Here for the weekend https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/740274_458011394254090_540627559_o.jpg
  2. My whole car was posted a few pages back...but where was that photo taken?!?! :) just want to know how far its made it. Here is the photo of the morning after i finished it with my boys Drips and Val spring 2010 in Baltimore,MD :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:
  3. Twine. KOG work from baltimore, MD
  4. anyone in lts.kog in colorado? i know homie twine bounces from maryland to the west coast time to time...
  5. just moved here. nice city you got here... just some bullshit to say whats up. that JIVE n MOVE sketches are fire. dope characters too! bump
  6. Bump staying off the internet.
  7. other shit to get the sketches running again...
  8. since i'm sure your dying to know... critique all you want. the crowd in baltimore has the strictest letter style you've ever seen. no one here does anything but letters. so theres nothing you can say that i havent heard an nore would i care anyways, we'll just call it even cause i'm sure you'll have something to say :) "lol" ...its a throwy i did off 695 - baltimore's beltway highway system.
  9. its funny you mentions augor. i had to google it after you posted because i didnt know who he was actually. its ok but i actually dont like his work. for msk his stuff is pretty shoddy for such a stylized crew. most of my style references come from KOG crew. Fishe and his boys got it goin on for real an honestly dude i could give two fucks less how much longer you've been painting. step back and look at that paint job you posted. you cannot deny that what i sead isnt true. its sloppy. its not complete still missing lines, and the 3d is jacked up. i'm not hateing so much as i'm critiquing your work. if you've been painting for so long you should know better and lead by example. maby my wack AuGoR rip off wont look so bad with your obviously far advanced skill leading the way.... hahah come on dude your kidding i hope lets just post some fliks an move on. you have no ground to stand on bro...
  10. I think that neks is garbage. If homies been painting so long why hasn't he improved. Skill level is weak. Paint is sloppy fuzzy not clean at all. An he's missing lines and the 3d is going everywhere. I normally don't speak up about that kinda shit but 1 this is an outline forum post your paint shit else where. 2 if your going to post paint here make it good... like actually worth looking at. 3 enough of the stupid shit post some fuckin sketchs an move on. Where Vims at that dude ain't posted in a while that dude has some letter style.
  11. Nsf crew from east coast?
  12. Recycle thay style over and over again that jevar is dope
  13. man. let me tell you. I am very offended.. :p.
  14. some recent shit and sketches i did for my homies KEAR DAME and FATASS
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