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cats and snakes.

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  1. samuel adams light? 'planning on buying it this week'? you really thought that out, huh. and that's the best you came up with? sorry but oh boy... my go-to lately. pick it up if you never had it. perfect 10
  2. i hate it when the homies order wings and we end up getting more crappy flavors than tight ones. no one wants some asian-garlic-barbeque-whatever. just gimmie that buffalo
  3. tmnt, jim carey movies, magic school bus, taco bell everyday... damn take me back.
  4. it's gonna be an interesting playoffs. i'm looking forward to it hmm dem teamz lucky my bucks (suck and) aren't in it!
  5. iz dat gershon mosley in da background? ^
  6. thanks u for tip "ahootnahollar" haters suck btw i saw ur signature all i have to say is haters suck btw
  7. wear are kool spots 2 tag smoke n chill wit bitches at? b-sides milwakee.. cudahy? stallis? elm grove? tryin to tag sum churches too i wanna get my name out their
  8. tci, slaying it as usual. good page right here
  9. graf is sick, 414 is miltown, 414graf is miltown graf which is the shit
  10. i was making a joke. calm down.
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