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rob steal

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  1. http://fighthits.blogspot.com/2011/04/ufc-129-st-pierre-vs-shields-live.html
  2. goddamn, i had no idea little dolls was about albert fish. i saw dr. holmes mentioned way early. here's link to the book. it's quite good. http://www.randomhouse.com/crown/devilinthewhitecity/home.html
  3. x ray of albert fishe's pelvis. dude got off on eating little girls and sticking needles and nails in his taint.
  4. i was at a bar saturday night seeing a band and the AC wasn't on so it was hot as hell. i put my empty beer bottle in my back pocket and hung my coat off of it.
  5. i've never had one but botfly larvae removal goes well here.
  6. i haven't been in about 15 years or so but i always loved the place. they prolly have a dozen new and better rollercaosters since i've been last but the magnum xl2000, raptor and the gemini were always good rides. the mean streak threw your ass around too much.
  7. too true, i have him on facebook and he is clearly nuttier than a payday but he seems to know his shit about veganism.
  8. i'm not a veggie nor will i ever be but you might want to give this a read http://www.meatisforpussies.org/ it's by john joseph of the cro-mags.
  9. rob steal


    just woke up from a nap groggy as fuck, got baked and walked to the coffee shop.
  10. rob steal


    http://i.huffpost.com/gen/181128/LINDSAY-LOHAN-FUCK-U-NAIL.jpg the fuck u finger nail
  11. wow, fedor fucked up. that has to do significant damage to his legend. cung le http://www.mma-core.com/videos/_Cung_Le_vs_Scott_Smith_II_Strikeforce?vid=10011560&tid=100
  12. i think he's my favorite ultimate fighter so far. i've only seen him fight once since then and that was a loss. he totally reminds me of the dude in the movie 'dazed and confused' that kicks the guys ass at the beer bash at the end of the movie. as far as ufc 116 goes, seems like a decent card. should be the best heavyweight match in loooong time. i just watched that tim sylvia/pudz fight. fucking horrible. for real, pudz just laid down there.
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