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El maestro wandering Wolf

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  1. much and many other liked the rask and question is beans mdk a writer from iowa ? i heard that when i spent time in omaha painting back in 2000 ish
  2. all the homies lens woe deso ham sleepy sone flv railheads running the dope 102 cold cars from what i last seen and wheres all the good shit this is a horrible representatioin of whats really on them
  3. night time crime nigga now trashing coldcars
  4. I owe an apology to the members of 12 oz should never have commented on here about anyone crow or asic should have kept it to pm s so that I'm not wasting space and exposing peeps to this toy ass shit soory y'all
  5. Call me when u hit ohare then take ur as down to the ho stroll put u to work In all reallity its wack for me to call u out in the thread could've been handled in pm with that said u shoulda took the offer of hitting the reefer spot that you pm me about u approached me so I kindly invited u to the mid west. U act like ur shit don't stink homie that's where u went wrong I don't care for crow or his name biting friends but u went way over board talking all ur shit like u better then cats ur average at best so ya fuck u asic come to chicago not thing for me to correct ur little ass. .. there ur new invite faggot
  6. So is that the aone from the mid west or someone else I thought he died of cancer. Rip aone dat flv
  7. When are all the real writers gonna start hiting these
  8. man fuck asic he put a target on his panels and if i ever see this mufuka im knocking his teeth out for acting like someone owes him something and dont think u cant be got one of your boys gonna set ur ass up and u can try and find out who i be but you gonna meet me keep them teeth in good shape for me pussy
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