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Everything posted by nukeones

  1. nukeones

    STUDIO 13

    soke ener cuate
  2. nukeones

    + ROAD TRIP BENCH REPORT: Rocky Mountains, Part 5...!! +

    nice to see im getting the bench. thanks bro.
  3. nukeones

    + ROAD TRIP BENCH REPORT: Rocky Mountains, Part 1...!! +

    baer hurtin em with that one.
  4. nukeones

    Joint WholeCars & E2Es

    bump the portland rail blazers!
  5. nukeones

    Joint WholeCars & E2Es

    thats osek kfw thk and kaya kfw
  6. nukeones

    ---------- Graffiti Is Totally Gay ----------

    bump this thread!
  7. nukeones

    throwin heavy knuckels

    caught in colorado.
  8. nukeones

    Hobos, Tramps and Homeless Bums

    dude i know that guy. he drives a jeep and tried to blow his face off when he was 16.. he used to come into the head shop where the homie works all the time. tucson is a crazy place.
  9. nukeones

    throwin heavy knuckels

    Yo reca! where you at? PM me with your phone number. we gotta catch up.
  10. nukeones

    throwin heavy knuckels

  11. nukeones

    Joint WholeCars & E2Es

    Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es bump dr swel.
  12. nukeones

    throwin heavy knuckels

  13. nukeones

    throwin heavy knuckels

    bump my fuckin set. southwest bangin!!
  14. nukeones

    throwin heavy knuckels

  15. nukeones

    throwin heavy knuckels

  16. nukeones

    throwin heavy knuckels

    correction. tucson based.
  17. nukeones

    * * cars inside autos catching the mist * *

    i just talked to a u.p. worker yesterday, and he said they do sweat that shit. so either get thugged out and say fuck it, or dont hit them and let someone else get em. i paint empties when i can.
  18. nukeones

    Benching in Nate Town (166 pics)

    awesome posts.
  19. nukeones

    Short under bridge bench

    anal fistasarus