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  1. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed


    I'm not sure there's one thing that's to blame. yeah it's annoying and tedious when threads disintegrate into wind ups and posturing or become a stream of idiotic pictures, yeah the ads are bothersome but, people grow up, get jobs and relationships, move, get new interests too.


    The complex media bar really annoyed me but the worst was when that social networking thing was forced upon us. Does anyone actually use it?

    The whole login process now is a joke, even being able to login it just directs you to that page. I have all the social networking in my life I want, shit I voluntarily sign up to. I don't need more crap forced on me, it makes me dig my heels in.


    I agree with the whole social networking taking over, most of the people I actually like from here I keep in contact with in other ways farcebook/gplus/email whatever so, when I do check 12 out and there's not much going on I think fuck it and dip.


    You only get out of something what you put in. If people can't contribute due to login errors there's nowt we as members can do. If people are put off by all the ads, there's nowt we as members can do. If people communicate in other ways now because of the problems, there's nowt we as members can do

    All we as member can do is try and post stuff which might interest someone enough to login(if they are able) and join in. Put up or shut up, innit.


    I will try and make an effort, I'm not posting tits though.

  2. Fucking awesome episode!


    They also played one of my favourite songs in the scene where they're sat around the pool. Up the Junction by Squeeze, it's about a guy who falls in love, they have a kid then 'the devil came and took him' his girl packed up, took the kid and refuses to contact him. Could be Skylar innit.


    I'm not gonna make any predictions yet, I definitely want to watch it again.

  3. Dear christeezy,


    Congrats! That 9 months went fast huh? She's beautiful, I think my ovaries just exploded :)


    - grd




    Dear hubby dearest,


    sending the good Welsh vibes innit.


    - the mrs




    Dear Decy,


    text me when you're in Gods country next, we'll go get drunk and dance like wankers innit.


    - s



    oh also Realism/Decy


    Ruby ripped up the kitchen floor so I'm having it all tiled this week annnnnd I bought all new dining stuff, including a chair for the kitchen, it's definitely not drunk sleep friendly. :( I think you could definitely fit in Ruby's new crate though. Swings n roundabouts innit


    - s

  4. I think it fits perfectly. It works to show how irrational Walt has become, and his ego has got the best of him now. He is making short sighted decisions, because everything has gone to his head now. It also shows him with some sound of regret in his voice, but we all know that is short lived, because he is going to cover this up, by just spreading lies about meeting Mike. His world is crumbling apart slowly, and everyone he knows, is starting to see him spiral out of control.


    "No more half measures Walt"






    and with Todd saying forget the money for now and taking notes, I saw that as him showing Walt he was eager to please and, that he was willing to do anything to live up to Walt's expectations...y'know in case killing a kid didn't drive that message home. I think for sure he'll have a hand in Walt's downfall but the way Walt is going it doesn't look like he's gonna need much help.


    RIP Mike, I'll miss his surly face.

  5. i aint afraid of no ghost.


    but a gay ghost?!

    no thank you.


    i aint gettin ghost raped.








    fuck ohio


    The dude he picked up wasn't gay. Dahmer made a pass at him ,when he turned him down Dahmer bashed his head in with a weight.


    So, next time a guys tries to stick his cock up your bum, remember that and it's the living you should be afraid of, not the dead :)

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  6. This change in Skyler, I wouldn't go so far as to say I like her now but she doesn't seem as pointless as she once was. As someone with ovaries, I totally get where she's coming from with regard to the safety of her kids. She's scared of Walt now. Like, it dawned on her, he isn't just a science teacher going to great lengths to provide for his family in a fucked up situation. He's taken all those years of feeling trodden on, taken advantage of, used and abused and let it all out and he's changed. The power and money has gone to his head and there's NOTHING he won't do to get what he wants. He isn't the man she married.

    That scene where he moved back in and got into bed and rubbed up against her, the fear on her face was completely believable. She's finally seeing the change in him, we viewers have been seeing for a long time. Except we saw it gradually, it just hit her like a bomb(geddit?).


    I think she's totally needed in this season, to ground us, so we aren't all about the drugs. Because it did start off as a show about how someone's views on life and how their morals can change when faced with a huge, life shattering dilemma; and the ends they will go to just to protect the ones they love. For me the show isn't about drugs, it's about humanity and all that meth shit is a perk.


    To paraphrase MLK.Jr Walt isn't interested in power that is moral, right or good any more. He wants power for powers sake.


    I agree the relationship between Jesse and Walt will come to a head. It HAS to.

    Walt isn't our under dog or anti-hero any more, Jesse is. I stopped rooting for Walt a long time ago. If the writers can turn that around in the last few episodes they are even more genius than we all already know them to be. But, I suspect, I'll be rooting for Jesse until the end.

    I'd like to see Jesse take out Walt, but I think if he did, that would be the end of Jesse. At this juncture I seriously doubt he could take it and live with himself afterwards. He still sees him as somewhat of a father figure and tries to ignore all the nagging doubts about the person he's become because he's still Mr White. his kinda nerdy, high school teacher who caught a bad break. Someone who's helped Jesse overcome a lot of his own demons...so he thinks.


    I dunno, I'm rambling now, innit.


    BUT ZOMG TODD. I watched that whole heist through my hands. SO tense.

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  7. I have 4 birthday cakes in the kitchen, they are calling to me...and I can't have any until tomorrow. Even though it fucking is tomorrow.



    Edit: Also, I wanted to ask, when a black hole swallows up everything, that includes time, right? So, does THAT time cease to exist and a new time starts fresh or does that time continue for everything else or do we like forget about that time because the black hole ate it? Like a hard reset?


    yeah, I been at the wine.

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  8. Did you notice the window behind Lydia in the beginning spelled out Gale? I wonder if that means anything or am I doing a Husk ;P


    Did we see a shimmer of Walts conscience tonight when Jesse gave him the watch? Great episode.

  9. What a manipulative cunt!! I really do fucking dislike him now.


    That skinny Pete thing was awesome.


    My friend is saving the whole series to watch in one shot when it's done. I admire the restraint, every time I get done with an episode I wish there was more but there's no way I could hold out like that. I'd ne too worried about major spoliers.

  10. When we were young we used to buy bottles of 20/20 and white lightening and go here to drink...




    but there were less cybermen.


    There's a HUGE horsefly in here that I've used nearly a whole tin of hairspray on and it just won't die. Send help, I's scurred.

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  11. It seems like there are a lot of peoples in this thread implying DAO isn't a superhero.




    DAO absolutely is a superhero and he absolutely could take down an armed gunman all by himself; powered with nothing but 1/3 of a box of cracker jacks and a regular sprite.

  12. The scenes with Skyler were SO uncomfortable, I actually felt for her, for the first time ever. Fantastic acting!!


    The fact those vacuum scenes were so enthralling just goes to show the quality of the writing and direction. Next week seems like an awfully long ways away :(

  13. "Last edited by Realism : Yesterday at***09:38 PM. Reason: Wrong verb tense"

    I've never found you more attractive.


    Seriously though, why were there kids at that thing? What liberties do you lose by not letting any Tom, Dick or Harry have access to military grade weaponry? Would you all like to have a nuke out the back too?


    I don't know if it's conditioning or what but I'll never understand you American's and your gun culture. It truly baffles me.


    I like the idea of DAO running 'round in a cape disarming gunmen. We should come up with a super rad costume and call him whaledogman.

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