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  1. Your words inspire the fuck out of my friends and I. Shit, my Uncle Jamal from Nigeria wants to deposit $100,000 in your bank account, he just needs all your info. You're so rad I won't even want any percentage. That's how dope you are. Thank you. For real. THANK. YOU.

  2. Re: So my girlfriend has a few male friends..........



    And yes, they have.


    Can't fully trust any female as far as fidelity goes. Best you can do is fuck her well & often, and keep her generally happy/satisfied. Beyond that there are few socially acceptable, gentlemannish ways to keep her true when she's plastered at a party without you, hanging with her male "friends". It's a shitty mindset to have, but i've found it's easier to come to terms with the possibility of your chick cheating (however remote it may seem), than it is to convince yourself you completely trust her and it's a physical impossibility. In fact any guy, no matter how long he's been with his lady, who says "you don't how shit is between me and my girl, she would NEVER cheat on me", is kidding himself as far as I'm concerned. She'd probably say the same about him, and he's most likely fucked her friend(s)...


    That said, there are many chicks who, sober, would probably actually break it off with their guy before hooking up with someone else, 99.999% of the time. But one can't underestimate the effects of large amounts of alcohol. Far-fetched shit of all kinds happens when shitty. Think of all the drunk, taken chicks who've been game when their man hasn't been around.


    Props given.

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