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  1. Today:

    Did some laundry in my apartment's laundry room.

    Did the usual washing, put them in the dryer and fell asleep on the couch for about an hour.

    Mind you, I hate leaving my clothes in the dryer after they are done because of wrinkles.

    Whatever. I fell asleep, woke up and remembered to go get them.

    When I went into the laundry room, I found my clothes to be still damp, on top of the dryer, and wrinkled to all hell.

    Whose ever clothes that were in the dryer had taken mine out, knowing damn well they weren't done. There were two other dryers that they could have used.

    So i open the door of their dryer and took a piss in to their drying laundry.

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  2. Dear England,


    I love you.

    I hope I see you soon, but for now; I have to settle traveling to Texas.


    Dear TSA,


    Pretty please do not confiscate my tumbleweeds- it's legal here, but not my destination. Let it slide.


    Dear Elizabeth Harper,


    Your voice is amazing. I wish I could hire you to just sit at my bedside and when I wake up you would just sing to me.


    Dear Malin,


    Do not fuck up today, so that you will board that plane on time.







    PS- Dear Life,


    You are weird.


    That is all.

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