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  1. first thing that came to mind when i signed up.
  2. thats how i do it. i play for fun. i don't camp like a lil bitch and level up. i go for it balls out. and then come back and stab the lil camper bitches word.
  3. i have a few of the Blue Ray Dvd's that they have and they are dope as fuck. expensive but well worth it.
  4. she still looks like a dude ugly ass bitch. wasn't she amish?
  5. Dude i am all for tattooed chicks but one that look like guys and f-ugly come'on. Jesse can get way better looking chicks than that POS. Sandra is way better looking may not be super model material but her personality and looks make her a good catch IMO.
  6. waiting on the blkmrktgallery.com site for the new Kinsey Prints to drop.
  7. Re: Great Pictures~ that is a great pic big White shark! Some nice yellows swimming around to.
  8. just got out of a meeting and thought i would drop by 12oz to see whats new.
  9. sitting outside the local laundry mat waiting for my clothes to dry.
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