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  1. All fire That S.M. production Kid Kash- Too Cool For New School
  2. Jems, Oter, Stun, Wisper and Pane reppin the TC at the first Paint Louis in a decade. http://www.stlmag.com/Blogs/Look-Listen/October-2012/The-Return-of-Paint-Louis-as-Told-in-Three-Acts/index.php?cp=4&si=3&thumbnail=off#galleryanc
  3. Too Crisp Illustrators stay up
  4. Payer in the porn room Mishap Geso 92'
  5. Stat Pedro Shiva 6 Finger SkateSex
  6. Ich killed this HbaK River Soke Stalk Meh
  7. holy rockers papersacks Impeach and Whole City
  8. 6:1251


    GreatBars^^^whoDat? bump Vatoe and RedFukingBox
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