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white courtesy telephone

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  1. fuck it. winter is boring. anyone looking to make a connection or two...holla.
  2. just wanna bump my haters... the infamous...extortin crackheads an stickin up the stick up kids
  3. :rolleyes: they dont have a face with a dick in its mouth
  4. so i went to rack a stack of white outs today, i bought some shit and then went back to vick their whole supply, when i got home i realized all the packages behind the front was empty, haha thats a first, feed yer ego love ya
  5. ill gladly take that off your hands if you just plan to jerk off to it
  6. well any of you df ers might really enjoy alot of these old flics
  7. couldnt get it to post, some yall might get a kick out this, bere(jive) in CT, def the 90's
  8. bump,,,,,,,,,,you wake up every morning in this living hell.....
  9. O debo decir... trens de la vieja escuela...el regreso de slick
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