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  1. @Fist 666You're in Ashveille?? That's awesome. I will totally come visit. You moved?


    @misteravenYo you're in Montana? Fuck yeah. I am thinking of doing a Wyoming/Montana tour this Spring/Summer. I have a pending mural in a very popular destination in Wyoming, but  I also have an outstanding warrant for the whole state. So that sucks. I'll msg you when I'm more clear on details.


    @fat ralphyYes Burning Man was pretty awesome this year. I ended up going to Cody, Wyoming to help some friends build an art car. We converted a school bus into a huge saddle. Then drove around giving out ice cold water and gatorade and salty snacks across the playa. The only *mobile* watering hole on playa - that actually served water, ha!\


    This is the last mural I did at an super duper fancy 15 acre artist residency in Palo Alto, CA. Deep in the woods. 








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  2. Thanks for all the well wishes!! I am in the Panhandle. Thinking New Orleans next week. Anyone in Florida? My laptop fucking bricked so I had to get a new one. Traded a couple ounces of herb I grew this year for a new fancy one...


    Currently camping with a friend near Tallahassee at a pretty sweet campground. She has an inflatable raft and we're on the lake so we got fishing and diddle around the woods. One of my dogs brought back a chicken yesterday... today there was guy wandering around with a rifle near our camp, so that was a little off-putting. Dogs barked and he turned around. Might have been the chickenman lookin for what took his bird. I should post up some pictures. Hope all ye'all are well! 


    New Orleans, anybody??

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  3. What's up yall... Moved out of Cali and on the road! In the dirty south now. I've been on a weeeeird series of events this year. Very inspired by the many messages I've gotten from people around the world encouraging a solid (non-digital) format for stories and pictures. I'm going to move forward with cataloging my typewriter writings into digital format, and organizing them with pictures into a book! It will be a decent amount of work, but I'm really stoked on it. I'm going to try and work with Crimethinc, the publisher of "Evasion". If you like my stories, you should definitely check that one out. Good read of a dude rambling around freights and hitch hiking, getting into trouble. Looking forward to a productive year in 2019. I'm full van life now so if anyone wants to paint or hook up for a decadent night, hollar at ya boy! Next stop from Tennessee is New Orleans. Anyone in between, let's hook up!

  4. Anyone near Dallas want to hook up? I am passing through and would love to paint or get a beer. Lots of stories to share. Been on the road for quite a while and connected w many 12oontzers along the way. Check the top stickied thread in channel zero. IG is same name. Hollar! I will be in Dallas area for the weekend. 

  5. Also thank you for everyone who's kept up with me the past what - five years? More? Y'all kept me going. More than family at times, seriously. Pictures and more to come soon




    Please feel free to hollar at me and direct me to the nearest shower and/or game of billiards/chess.


    Most of all - take me to paint

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  6. Friends and Fam - I am back. Misterraven and several others have dug me out of the homo dungeons of solitude and breathed fresh air into my woefully bankrupt lungs. Good timing - and thank you.


    So here it is. I just got out of rehab. 30 days of a 90-180 day program in Berkeley. Long story short - "long story short". If that makes sense. They wanted to keep me but I did not want to be kept. That being said - I left on good terms. Anyways... Medi-Cal covered everything - Thanks Obama!


    A lot has gone down this year. A lot more than I ever thought possible. But it is what it is. Big changes...


    I'm once again homeless and single. Well - not all that single. I just picked up my doggies from the kennel. I had to board them for the 30 days I was in rehab. Bankrupted me. $50 a day... But I needed to get sober and detox from my crazy as fuck girlfriend of 6 years.


    I'll write more about how the past 6-7 months unfolded in a bit. I'm in Nevada City, CA at the moment, staying at a friend's crazy ass compound. Deep in the woods, Saunas hot tubs pools and cabins, all in solitude. In the coming week I'll return to SF, pimp out my van a little more, and start driving to Wyoming to clear my head and get the fuck out of dodge. I finally realized after breaking it off with this girl and losing my mind that I fucking hate living in the bay. I haven't been happy in five plus years - ever since I moved there. So fuck it. Done with my abusive partner, done with living in a giant city. Ready for new adventures.

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  7. Sad news with your friend.


    Yea fuck 2016, 'twas a bad one here as well.


    Nice van, and that new video looks awesome! When / where to see the full version?



    Here's to 2017.




    You're in Germany right?


    Thanks! When we get hard copies made, I'm going to see if 12oz will stock it on their site, as well as Mook Life. Currently it's only hosted on a private server thing.

  8. Vegas! I'll be passing through in a few days. If anyone wants to meet up and paint or drink beer or shoot pool, hollar at me! I've got a 5+ year running thread in Channel Zero following my journeys through the US and abroad, it's the top stickied thread in Channel Zero. http://forum.12ozprophet.com/threads/travel-log-hunting-hitchhiking-painting-getting-dirty-traveling-across-america.139101/page-91

    Give it a read, it's a fun ride start to finish. If anyone is around Vegas in a few days, HOLLARRRRRR!!! Seriously!! Don't be shy!

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