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  1. yeah these polish cunts! the amount of unfinished stuff near connelly was talkin to serio a while back, the chap is full of himself and barely a word of enlish! :D
  2. unless u sit by yourself away from everyone else, people are gonna see you do it so usin your tag isnt such a great idea its a pitty cos most of my best stuff seems to come out at skool
  3. you have to wonder where these kids come from!:lol: and he used a fucking graffiti creater aswell!
  4. banksy is a sell out if u dont like stencils thats ur opinion...u internet thug:D
  5. sex_sponge

    3d graffiti

    serously not everyone can graff if u cant even manage doing a simple 3d, your probably really bad and should never touch a spray can ever! :D
  6. how bout u just let everyone contribute and stop bein such fuckin haters...
  7. yeah drinking seriously helps when tagging busy streets but can fuck up your throws.. its harder to run straight if u do get chased:D
  8. nice anyone got any skew stuff?
  9. true revok is one retard kunt
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