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  1. eupho

    3d graffiti

    Allright, I've tried looking around for basic tips on shading and doing 3d graff but just can't really find anything. Can anybody help me on how to just do basic 3d graffiti, shading, anything at all would be much appreciated.
  2. Okay, jas one of my favorite bombers. And, this has been bugging the shit out of me. Who is this? I see some flix of JA goving over him and some flix of them together
  3. Ohh..I see. There's two magnums on there. Mines totally different from the one I waslooking at.Oh well thanks anyways.
  4. Yeah I was referring to the picture.
  5. Does anybody know the best way to make a magnum mop? I saw a picture of it and it was called a smith. Basically just a magnum filled with your own ink/paint with your own nib. I was told getting the nib out would be hard but..It seems pretty impossible considering the shit is packed in the whole marker. The top part was hard but the rest just seems impossible.. Or are you just suppose to take the top part off? but then wouldnt the insde shit suck up your ink? I don't know, any help is appreciated.. bottom row, in the middle.
  6. Found some old/dissed saber images..
  7. eupho

    Zig Baby Biggies

    Can't expect much from 12oz.
  8. Anybody know how to refill these? I need to take the 'water based pigment ink' out and replace it with some decent paint or ink. There nice ass colors but I can rub it off of anything with my finger. I can't just take the nib off and fill it. Anybody able to help?
  9. Yes, those are amazing, i also find this site really helpful also. http://www.chinapage.com/painting.html It's an amazing gallery.
  10. eupho

    Flares? HALP!

    I thought a stencil cap was for skinnier lines? And yeah thats it stalker. He alos made a skinny cap be sticking a needle in the cap, then putting like wax paper on the top and have it melt down the needle. Came out good. AND DAMN surgeon had some mad flares.
  11. eupho

    slap tags?

    I don't really like stickers..I mean I guess If I had some I'de just put them up but I just don't like them.
  12. eupho

    Flares? HALP!

    Mmm..Well Ill see. Has anyoen seen Graffiti Instincts bonus DVD? I remember some dude making a fat cap out fo the actual CAP on the top, like the orange one on the elmers thing. By cutting off the big part, so you have the smaller part on the inside that you cant see from the outside and then cutting a rectangle into the small part and he put it back on and it sprayed pretty well.. I would like to show you but the bonus dvd is like half an hour long.
  13. eupho

    Flares? HALP!

    LOL I know that, shit. :P I meant is that what you were talking about. Because they have spray adheasives and other stuff with just stock caps. Oh at my local menards they let you spray the paint and stuff they dont care.
  14. eupho

    Flares? HALP!

    Hey eon thanks for that. You really helped. And Ill try that elmers glue thing. Are you talking about these cans? And by loud you mean just when spraying, or theyre loud when taking off the cap? Spraying I think but someone said theyre loud and they would notice the caps misisng. I dont mind it being loud I can find a way to silence it or just deal with it.
  15. eupho

    Flares? HALP!

    ...I can't wait to see you all grown up. All I have at hardware stores are stock caps. Ridiculous.
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