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  1. Freughtaholic

    guess the movie...

    last house on the left? idk haha
  2. Freughtaholic

    "The Gang Hits The Freight Yard."

    yo great idea for a thread. always sunny flicks were fire! PHILLY FREIGHTS
  3. Freughtaholic

    boston's sketch thread

    best post in this thread by far oktos page is fire!
  4. thats some wild shit my dude. keep throwin those heaters
  5. Freughtaholic


    overall i like it. i just dont like how the last E has a short bottom leg. kinda looks like an F. but overall its really put together well
  6. Freughtaholic


    ^^it looks to me like its a constraction site/area so i bet there was scafolding there. there is no reminance of a building abutting the building being buff, no age line, all the bricks are the same color ect but hey what do i know
  7. Freughtaholic

    boston's sketch thread

  8. Freughtaholic

    boston's sketch thread

    bump this. really loving this
  9. Freughtaholic

    wheres the rest of ma?

    yeah and is stead of the rest of mass cange it back to the boston thread or just the massachusettes thread. i understand the whole not go to the source just go to here or other lesser places, but wheather its on the internet or on the streets its in your face and accesile either way. i mean i dont see any other cities shit getting closed down when the VS in those cities could be just as hot if not hotter than specifically in MA. just my two cents
  10. Freughtaholic


    kheeed i just went to look at the dude and his profile recently got set to private hahaha mad heads musta said some shit
  11. Freughtaholic

    wheres the rest of ma?

    oh no who brought the cool kheeedddd with the knowledge?! jk i dont even know why they closed it. who wants to fill me in via PM
  12. Freughtaholic


    idk its on page two says "moved" Moved: The rest of MA.. started by Plaid Fill-ins
  13. Freughtaholic

    boston's sketch thread

  14. Freughtaholic

    Kem 5

    wow jimboe came off proper on that production
  15. Freughtaholic