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  1. I like how all the action shots of writers in Iraq are Marines. 0311, but I haven't deployed yet because I'm on barracks duty. Next year maybe.
  2. Damn. Dude must have owed him a lot of money. Whatever happened to good old fashioned cement slippers?
  3. Graffiti in Tahoe? Hahahaha. Go paint Reno.
  4. This makes me glad I never started playing video games. I haven't picked up a controller since Duck Hunt was brand new on the market.
  5. I wish I had grown out of it BEFORE I signed the contract... Piffy, this entire thread is full of people who are older than you and have already been where you are, and every single one of them is telling you to stay in school. That ought to make you step back and think. Either that, or do what one person said and sell meth. Good money to be made there.
  6. Stick with school. I dropped out at 16, and even after getting my GED and my Associates Degree it still bites me in the ass occassionally. Some1 is right, you're way to young to be at any "crossroads".
  7. I got who I could on this page. I just got home from a trip to Phoenix, I already want to go back. I've never seen so many beautiful women in one place...
  8. I've been there a bit, I've never seen any problems with cops.
  9. I hit who I could. I need to spread it around before I can get some of you again.
  10. If that's the same Udon I knew about five or six years ago, that's pretty funny that he's still around. Funny in a good way. Bump.
  11. It's probably old, but I thought of this thread as soon as I saw this...
  12. Well I propped everyone I could on this page before I ran out. I think when I get bored tonight I'm going gif hunting...
  13. Re: dear kat von d Fuck it, I'd smash all three.
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