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  1. idleon3

    The 3D pages.

    agreed but i do have to prop odeith for constructing those corner pieces
  2. dope man diggin it... you should shade like that more often to add more depth to your pieces
  3. cool... but that second chick looks kinda... awkward
  4. idleon3


    thanks for the feed back maxis... well honestly if its somewhat simple like that and not crazy like most calligraphy hands are then it shouldnt take to long to tag... thanks for the advice though just messing around with stuff
  5. idleon3


    bump that war terror and that gasper tag... im just kinda working on this feedback and crits appreciated...
  6. idleon3

    The Bible

    dear god... im speechless shit is intense
  7. transformer for school...
  8. idleon3

    Character Post

    school project... bumble bee
  9. nah it was a project had to use the fine tip prismas
  10. badass work seph diggin the squid... thanks for the feedback supernummy... i was trying to shade with those thin prisma markers... i guess itll just take some more practice
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