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  1. Books are lame. Really lame. Especially books about graffiti.
  2. obsoe and jafar looking really good
  3. not a racist just a southern man sicr jerx sever lots of jimy GA this is a sick post.
  4. those old SMK's are just plain awesome.
  5. beach bash whos got the herb 2011
  6. Jerx should do a piece where he does two OO's at the end but instead of OO"s he makes them look like (.)(.)'s. When has anyone ever gone wrong with anything involving boobs.in general
  7. jerx with the flave Iree with the funk zorb goin big NC gots it goin on. Hot Spanish Bitches's ass for life
  8. that pear if the definition of style
  9. Nobody is catching nobody doing nothing. Nature Boys(not to be confused with NB) has very little to nothing to do with VA. Just sayin. Movin on
  10. the ruiner is very very nice
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