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  1. Sicr and Valet always coming with some funky colors
  2. those obsoes are fucking soo tight man. jerx killin it as well
  3. show me one hipster girl with a decent sized ass?
  4. that rooftop..that fucking rooftop
  5. that bobkat is too legit to quit BAER with that crazy comicbook stlye..so sick! best SILK ive seen yet shit is too fresh Im thinking that PRE and MAD on the cryo takes the win. real good benchin man!
  6. that SICR is solid as fuck jerx tumE leder
  7. i kinda wanna try the windex bottle thing..
  8. that cevs and that pear...that pear is fireeee
  9. This is awesome! It keeps gettin better!
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