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  1. That OBSOE BROWN and ZORB street spot is really nice! Fowl, Sicr, Valet, Ruiner, Tride. THis is a good page. That backyard is super funky..the valet with all the stars and shit..i love it
  2. pyle has a straight dope hand!
  3. Richmond made me have sex with a hipster girl while listening to the smiths and some shitty punk band at the same time because she thought it was cute. I moved because I like girls with butts and dont mind being treated like a girl..and not a human. Richmond is fun but seriouslly guys..get out. Mr. Bong is right.
  4. Whats up with that googly eyed face over that sour. I see that exacte same face on A LOT! of lines. Started noticing it about two years ago and I was cool with it until I see it over that SOUR. damn shame
  5. that Jafar piece is sick..live tag creepin on the ladder DEF gunna have to get that book. looks great!
  6. CEVS UK looking good as usual
  7. yeah thats a nice catch on the sigh.
  8. jerx and obsoe. man that jerx is fly as shit
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