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  1. On 5/25/2024 at 8:08 PM, ndv said:


    Fuck it, hit it it now before she gets fat. Just make sure you don't plant one in her, cause she aint gonna look like that in a few years. Especially after popping out a kid. 😆


  2. 1 hour ago, Mercer said:

    Yea, I was probably wrong on the timing looking back. I think 89/90 was the starter jacket era. 

    89/90 was definitely the Starter jackets era. And the 8-ball jackets. 😆

  3. 2 hours ago, fat ralphy said:

    89/90 we were still rocking the standard cut decks, flat noses and shit.


    I remember when this neighborhood kid rolled up on the Ray Barbee Hydrant deck, maybe 91. Shit blew our minds. 

    Even that Ray Barbee was more like 89/90. By 91 we had long noses and the wheels were working their way down in size. The fish tails were out, but the boards still had shapes and were wide as fuck.


  4. 9 hours ago, Mercer said:

    Outside of the few times I've been a fat fuck over my life, the most regrettable look/photos for me were 1989/90 rocking size 42 pants with a 28 waist and cutting the bottoms of the legs off during the big pants small wheels skate era. Outside of that it's cool looking back and remembering the different dumb shit we all did. Kinda regret not having more photos of it.

    That was definitely not 89/90. More like 92/93. 

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  5. On 5/25/2024 at 6:34 PM, Mercer said:

    Yea, like I've said before, I'm a little bias, so I'm willing to hear the (facts based) defense of MJ and looked into confirming the points they made, comes from my own bias since he was probably one of the first people I was a fan of as a small kid.


    Funny story:


    When the Thriller became MTV's first music video on heavy rotation, my mom noticed I liked the "Beat it" video from that album so she wrongly assumed I was some sort of MJ super fan (back then breaking and other shit was way cooler). So my mom goes out and buys a red pleather "Beat it" MJ jacket with the zippers and stuff on it, and this was probably the first time in my life I remember pretending I liked one of her gifts. Ended up destroying it before I had to wear it to school, or around my friends.



    Dude, that jacket was the shit back in like 2nd grade. I remember the cool kids rocked that shit.
    I always thought it looked kinda ass myself, though.  😆

    And Beat It was my favorite song back then too. 😆


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  6. On 5/25/2024 at 1:14 PM, ndv said:


    But far as I know.  I don't see photos floating around of MJ and Epstien together.  If there is, perhaps I may want to believe that was just epstien trying to use mj for street cred clout to help build his pedo empire. 

    Fun fact: Literally the only celebrity/politician ever actually accused of banging kids with his wingman Epstein is Donald Trump, who was accused in court of forcibly raping a 13 year old girl at one of Epstein's pedo parties in 1994. Long before any of yous ever even heard of Epstein or his pedo parties. Food for thought. 


  7. On 5/25/2024 at 1:14 PM, ndv said:

    I kinda leave MJ out of the pedo ring imo, i may poke fun from time to time but I felt guilty about it.  It may be true or not, we will never know.  


    I am sure I am not the only one that has heard people come to his defense explaining the missed childhood that we all had amd mj didn't is what he was making up for in his adulthood.  So yeah, weird sleepovers and what not may seem very sus.   Not saying it couldn't have happened, I am just saying I stand indifferent to it amd I am not sure why to be honest, I have nothing to gain from it.  


    But far as I know.  I don't see photos floating around of MJ and Epstien together.  If there is, perhaps I may want to believe that was just epstien trying to use mj for street cred clout to help build his pedo empire. 

    Literally entire generations missed out on childhood. The "greatest generation" missed out on childhood, as did every generation before them who were literally going to work in coal mines when they were old enough to drop out of 2nd grade. And literally nobody ended up anything anywhere near as weird as that, in fact the opposite.  Nah, FOH with that bullshit.


  8. Dude even tried to claim it was perfectly normal for him to sleep in the same bed as these little kids like there was nothing wrong with it.  He wasn't just a blatand pedophile, he was a delusional one who was so spoiled he literally thought he could gaslight people into buying his 'I'm just essentric" bullshit. Imagine anybody at all trying to make that excuse today. Naaaaahhhhhhh.....  

    I been saying for years now that he's lucky he died just in time to miss out on all the "me too" shit, because all his fans would've immediately burned his records and completely written him off and "canceled" him while he rotted in prison with Cosby and R Kelly and them. 💯

    But instead, here yous are bending over backwards and grasping at straws trying to defend the dude. SMFH.  🤦‍♂️


  9. On 5/25/2024 at 9:44 AM, Mercer said:

    Listening to MJ's high pitched weird voice, and seeing how eccentric he was it makes your average person who can't wrap their minds around him think there's something "wrong" about him. I mean I can't figure him out, but does that mean he's automatically a pedo piece of shit? No. It just means he's weird, and it's easier for people to take the accusation seriously. We all know pedos generally aren't always weird, they're usually trying to fit in unnoticed. 


    Even though his eccentricity makes it easier to accept, I don't think he's a pedo. I've learned something watching how every war is started with a media lie, and how easy it is for media lies throughout history to push a narrative that lends itself so well to evil. I never trust a narrative based on how hard the media pumps it. It's always best to take a look at the "conspiracy" or opposing viewpoint.



    For example, none of this dudes very convincing points below are debunk-able. I've looked up some of these and he's right. To top it off, all the media bullshit condemning, or throwing shade at MJ is easily debunk-able, or flimsy at best. The absolute truth is none of use know 100%, but I can say I'm pretty sure MJ wasn't a diddler.



    It wasn't a fucking "media lie", dude. He had multiple accusers over multiple years, and literally the only reason he was able to beat those cases was because he was rich as fuck and because it was long before the pedo-mania. There would be zero reason for the media to go after him like that, especially in the early 90's when he was a fucking golden goose for headlines. If that shit were today R Kelly would be pissing on him in the prison showers.
    C'mon. dude. SMFH.

  10. 5 hours ago, LUGR said:

    For real though, I hope kids these days don’t fuck with drugs recklessly like we did back in the day. That shit scares the shit out of me in 2024.

    It's weird cause back in the day we always knew which drugs to stay the fuck away from. These new kids who do fuck with drugs are jumping straight into the hard shit and ODing on that fent. It's weird, the fact that they're so oversheltered and naive probably has something to do with their lack of knowledge about which shit to stay the fuck away from. Probably dying virgins too, SMFH.

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  11. 12 hours ago, fat ralphy said:

    My kids are miles away from where I was at their age - my oldest is going into Summer before 8th grade.


    My summer before 8th grade I got my dick sucked. 


    I was having police contact at his age and he is on fucking honor roll. 


    This kid has a fucking special blanket still.

    No real mention of chicks except for when I tell him that I will always love him no matter what or its 2024 and we accept everyone.


    "You know son - I will always love you and be here for you, you know that - and its ok for anyone to have someone they love. You know these days men sometimes marry other men and we accept trans now, uh I mean trans people. So I just want you to know I'm here for you - "


    "Im going to marry a lady dad."


    "ok well thats good...."


    Im an awkward caveman parent that was reared by a mentally ill alcoholic construction worker, that is me doing my best effort at modern day parenting. 


    There is probably some parenting gold going on pretty frequently among the forum members. 

    I remember my dad busted in on me railing this chick one time, I'm yelling at him "Yo GTFO!" with this chick's legs in the air, he's like "oh shit, my bad!" and closes the door. Then a couple seconds later opens it again and gives me the thumb's up with a big ole grin on his face and closes the door again. He told me years later that that was his proudest moment, because he knew he didn't have to worry about me being gay. 😆
    Yeah, these younger kids are being raised being told that they're "children" all through their teens and seem like they're scared of the pussy. Shit's weird. 
    I was proud as fuck when 2Sik got his cherry popped. 😆

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  12. 14 hours ago, mr.yuck said:


    LMFAO! He tarnished his own shit. I'm sure he did do some actual good, most people aren't black and white all good or all evil, but it's always been known at least since the early 90's that MJ was a gay pedophile. The dude was a total fucking nutball. I mean he even had surgery to make himself look like a white woman for fuck's sake. It's truley amazing to me how people are so consumed by the mass hysteria of pedo mania that they're quick to throw anybody under the bus over one accusation or comment about a teenage girl, but here yall are bending over backwards to live in denial about MJ who was a blatantly obvious ACTUAL pedophile. I mean it's to the point where celebrities can't have 20 year old GF's without being labeled pedo creeps, my teenage sons can't even have girls that are two or more years younger than them without being labeled pedophiles and everyone at school wanting to beat their ass, this pedo mania is literally the modern day version of the Salem witch hunts. Yet here yous are bending over backwards trying to deny the obvious common knowledge about MJ. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  13. 5 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

    Or an irishman in a van.


    The irish tradies in the vans going around Sydney in the late 90's early 2000's were on top of their game.


    My mate got stooged by them  and got shafted for several hundred bucks.

    They pulled up next to me one day after that event and I still gotta give them credit for this exchange

    "eh maytie I see ya lissenin' to some music"

    Schnitzel  "mate I'm not looking for dodgy speakers"

    "it's a blow up pig for bedtime ya look like you could use it"


    Another friend got done for several hundred pounds in london by switching a laptop in a bag for a laptop bag with bottles of water at the last minute.

     and they still do the Tarmac scam year in year out.



    Here in the states, also late 90's or early 2000's, I was in between jobs and answered a misleading ad in the paper that got me a job riding in that van. Worst job ever. The speakers were legit, we had the paperwork to prove it for when we got pulled over by cops (which we definitely did), but our boss literally told us to stick to his sale's pitch of pretending that "we just made a delivery and there was more speakers on the van than what we were delivering, and therefore would you like to buy these speakers that we're stealing from our company?" Obviously we got the cops called on us multiple times in the week that I was there, and ironically the only sale I made that whole week was when my crackhead partner stopped at a gas station to take a shit and I just broke script and leveled with the dude working there and told him they were legit, showed him the paperwork, and let him hook them up to see that they not only worked but were good ass speakers. My crackhead partner came back during this transaction and was like "don't tell dude you broke script". Boss man gave me a little extra after "congratulating our new salesman" being as it was Friday, and I never showed back up on Monday. That was literally the worst job I ever had. Salesmen are fucking scum. 😆

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  14. 8 hours ago, DETO said:

    Good at teach her to only buy shit from crackheads of I’m around. after her pointing out the woman was missing hella teeth, we talked about the importance of not doing drugs. So besides scoring some AirPods, it was a learning lesson. No drugs and a crackhead will take whatever you offer and we probably could have low balled her even more. 

    We been going back to Philly  on vacation for a couple weeks every summer for like  7 years, and every single time I take my kids on the "drug zombie" tour down Kensington ave for this exact reason. And I tell them this is where you're gonna end up fucking with them drugs. 
    I actually took my oldest on foot straight into needle park to see that shit up close and personal one night last summer. I was looking for my oldhead/his uncle Mark who's out there, but I also made it a point to bring him along and see that shit straight up. See them shooting up into their rotting limbs, smell the stench, hear the fucked up junkie's voices right there in front of him instead of out the window of a moving car. So far he don't even smoke weed and somehow made the national honor's society in school.

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  15. 9 hours ago, ndv said:

    @DETO  take her bombing and get a pic of her writing while air pods in her ears or this never happend.

    Don't do that @DETO, unless she gets bit by that bug on her own. I tried to disuade my kids from this path and encourage them to focus more on soccer and skateboarding and shit, but my genes were too strong and took over on their own. 😆


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  16. On 4/2/2024 at 10:14 AM, mr.yuck said:

    I second this mj shit. I remember years ago I saw some kind of interview with him where he was flat out talking about how shady the music industry was and how they were going to character assassinate him. Then all of a sudden my man was a pedo. So it kinda looked like, was MJ trying to get ahead of something or was he legit being dragged through the mud? I've been leaning towards character assassination since the late 90s. He was such a weird dude, he made it so easy for anything to be plausible. 



    MJ was literally going to court for that shit in the early 90's. He beat that case after paying off the parents, then other accusations popped up years later. He was even doing interviews where he openly admitted to inviting these kids over to sleep in his bed with him and tried to spin it as normal shit.  
    And this was long before the whole pedo panic hysteria that's going on today, nobody was even thinking like that back then to be falsly accusing people of being pedophiles. It was so weird that people didn't even wanna believe it. But it was blatantly obvious to anyone who wasn't a fucking retard that he was into little boys.


  17. On 4/1/2024 at 10:38 PM, Mercer said:

    What's weird is this Diddy thing opened up a can of worms with conspiracy theorists, many are saying the whole thing with MJ was a setup. Like he was innocent the entire time and people were legit out to set him up, and frame him. TBH I kind of want to believe in the conspiracy theory and that MJ wasn't a pedo, so I'm at like 50/50 with it now used to be 80% sure he was.

    100% MJ was a chomo.  A real pedophile, not  some grown man who was into teenagers. A lot of these other people being accused these days is questionable at best. Just like the satanic panic of the 80's where the conspiracy nuts saw devil worshippers everywhere, the modern day mass hysteria is the pedo panic and people are seeing pedophiles everywhere.  But it's 1000% MJ's weird ass was into little boys.
    Leave it to the conspiracy junkies to flip the script and say MJ was being framed. Conspiracy kooks are fucking retards. These are the same weirdos calling Anthony Keidis (or howeverever his name is spelled) a pedo for banging a 19 year old grown ass woman. 

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