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Everything posted by NFK ZOOLOGIST

  1. AESTWO and LYESERENO for the win. GO MC GO!!!!
  2. im hatin more on the fact you got miller light and montana in the fick im more stoked on like cats throwin dice and sellin dvds in front of my shit keep doin you man
  3. IF this is a reply on my social status, or how many more dimes ive knocked down than you..... hear this. IM LIKE 50 thousand years removed from high school dog. I beat better pussy up because it falls in my lap. Not on my lap top. Remember that. Respect them fuckin elders
  4. why is it dead? there aint enuff rebar for you or somethin. MC aint never dead ol boy
  5. so many its like a clusterfuck of greatness. Too many to say...go fox go
  6. yeah. Yhats the funniest shit i read inna minute. The way funnier thing about it is i have dogged out finer, way less needy, non socially awkward, refined and re-defined, hipster but not so hipster, broker, but rich in culture, not your run of the mill, lets go get a PBR at the bar where all my boys chill, i thought it a was a sex type thang, a sex type, chicks like that one right there and dropped them for a less classier, bitch who cut her clothes off herself and walked around in public like she was fuckin four.
  7. Re: hit on me 2010 (pick up lines) When a girl says "sorry. i have a boyfriend" simply say "yeah? thats awesome. i have a goldfish." when she gives you a weird look just say; "oh, sorry. i thought we were talking about shit that didnt matter."
  8. true. id rather have a fat ass to hold onto, any day. tpbm has actually sharted before.
  9. its good to know some things never change. more garb flicks than good ones... excuse me, i was just remembering when i used to live for pics. Modern Criminals still run shit. Oh yeah. Big Ocult, We see you. Hell knows we ride
  10. wow, bout time you got your own thread homie. Too bad we gotta be spot jockin on all your shit on it. Ha.. If you see this, know i give a fuck. love n respect dude. Thanx for the years. Insert oscar in my hand now
  11. very nice. I like the fact that people are typing even more than posting. Yall should hook up a graffiti chat roulette site. Phones on fire. Cash money. skiz and ching. thanks for the flicks aka something worth talkin about.
  12. puke skylarper... ...man Chose wit the comeback. Tight Fancy bitches can blow they own money... I dont spend a near-nutter dime on no fancy bitch. More flicks with mc in them.
  13. thanks for that Suck. Feels like that hot tub time machine is in full effect
  14. WOW!!!!!!!! Modern guilts a motherfucker. Long live the winter games. BRONZE BRONZE BRONZE. Hows about some fucking flicks. The Hiatus is back off.... .....burnt out. hungover. comatose. K holed all a de above. Dont mind me. just losing my fucking mind.
  15. Railheads for life boyeeeee Kuma Gonerific too much, much too much
  16. nice pauloe shrine u got goin there shadow. love your face in 2010
  17. That MC fence is somethin else Ill tell ya. Long like shadowplays shits BIG Reko Whut UP!
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