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  1. i've been feeling like this lately as well. one thing that kind of helps me is to make a list of things i want to accomplish, and then just start knocking things off. even if they're just little things, or kind of mundane, it's nice to feel like i've done something with my time instead of pacing around thinking about what to do. also maybe try something new? sometimes just changing up the routine can help you get out of a rut.
  2. debo


    no problem! gotta do something while i'm stackin cheddar :)
  3. debo


    bravo, really.
  4. debo


    techno viking...
  5. debo


    yeah if i can swing it i'd love to stay longer, like months to a year or somethin.
  6. debo


    I'm going for about a month, maybe longer. Anybody here ever been? What's the word on things to do, places to check out? I've never been before, so any info is appreciated.
  7. 6 or 8 does me nice, after that i'll keep going when i shouldnt. trying to moderate that shit, gettin kinda tired of wack hangovers.
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