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  1. ...sGk... amoe & jels jels
  2. One word man, practice. Thats all the advice you really need.
  3. creep3


    Ahh his shit is just insane. Not totally my style but i always pay him respect.
  4. When is the next clogged caps? Oh and sick shit through and through.
  5. So my girl is watching what not to wear and she spots them going to alife. easrsnot was in the background too lol. Anyway i thought it was kinda odd.
  6. I have tons of extra art supplies so i am deciding to sell a little of my stash. Im letting it go some what cheap as most of this stuff is usually rather expensive in the store. You can bid on the auction or we can handle the deal off ebay. Thanks guys. NO SOLICITING
  7. Yeah, i have done it.
  8. A fucking really rad flash light.
  9. Portland is fucking sick. Oh and burnside of course, come on now.
  10. Dude, do what it takes. I once was in the same situation years ago. I would sneak out and walk long distances or hitch rides. Whatever it took i got there i bombed and then got home before they awoke. Damn those were the days. Now its way easier.
  11. msk is just on a complete other leval
  12. Damn enks be killing shit these days. And when did all these out of towners start rolling into sa so much? The cope wall is fucking dope.
  13. Damn, been a min since i rolled through screwston.
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