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  1. a troubled guy - i'll open and shut and his mind , now he reps the other side , hates the come down , loves the high
  2. check my dude out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo79Kw73Wac
  3. I can count on one finger the shit that doesn't concern me , everything.
  4. a little from column a , a little from column b....
  5. I hooked up with this chick a few months back...... I was drunk as fuck walking across a bridge off to a 24 hour bar , friends were scattered.....at this point I was strutting on my ones. and clock this blonde thing marching towards me ....I said something.....oi , we just met!! ...next thing I know she's al keen to come to the bar (where she just came from) had a few drinks.....she got looks. she was a muscly girl....that could be mistaken for a man maybe? well.....I had to ask some girl mates of mine , what they thought, if it was a bloke or not.....anyways.....th
  6. yes mate!!!!! hahahahahah ,.....thats exactly why i do it. it's strangely comforting knowing i'm not the only one. props to you.
  7. and here you cunts are talking about how you admire your own artwork.......that my pedigree chums.....is artwork.
  8. i get the shower running , take a shit, but don't flush... then the take a shower , then flush the toilet afterwards....
  9. it's at waterloo station , not london bridge.... you pass it going to waterloo east. but yeah , thats still standing strong......such a goo spot.
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