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  1. satans slaves =666krew =FFFkrew=money blood and drugs all over the floor.....3fkillers
  2. Whatever dag dont be all scary and shit... they are fine
  3. If you like eating really well on a very low budget you should check out: http://www.sothrifticated.com
  4. oh yeah: their eyes dont fall out, and they can breathe fine etc. etc... all those concerns are just bullshit
  5. Dont sleep, Pugs are dope...
  6. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- Spotted in the new Dr. Dreidel video: ESTE, CELOS, 125ER and ERIE:
  7. well who's going to this? Its cops fighting convicts, and there will be hip hop and tattooers... bring your kids
  8. Are you guys fucking kidding me?! I pay $3.95 a gallon. LA. I thought everyone was getting fucked, I guess it's just us.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted either, not going to read 8 pages about this shit but epic: the dup step interview video btw
  10. You dont have to wait for Christmas to roll around to get smashed mid-day homie..
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