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  1. whatever. mc grey goose was busy repping chai wan.
  2. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread - no homo ^o^
  3. ridiculous skateboarding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSUhwML3SWs
  4. goosequit


    anybody play resistance on ps3? how the fuck do you smoke that 4 legged robot cocksucker??? i figured out that you gotta shoot the yellow glowing nipple thing in the back of him. but it's a bitch! fucker keeps stomping on my head.
  5. grey goose aka iquit aka goosequit aka gary blunts aka drifto aka the lifter aka da lumbajack i got more aliases than the wu acklikeyaknow
  6. i wasnt looking for captions. just sharing the flics. i ususally try to write my own witty captions when i post pics. but i didn't feel like it. hence the title. i guess.
  7. i thought this thread was going to be about putting 2 fingers in a vagina and a pinky in the butt.
  8. i've never heard of shibuya and there's an HMV a 15 minute walk away?
  9. you know g-don or you mean you recognize him from a previous post i made? macau is insane.
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