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  1. ok apprently none of you toys know any of your history.....

    TVC is a HUGE fucking crew out of socal. soner heroin drugs pelon and kwest....to name a few, not to mention most of these guys rep other large nation wide crews.

    ok so how do these toys like "rates" "yoda" and "jem" stack up.......THEY DONt


    who cares if someone already writes rate or yoda but when you start doing spots in a major city with a crew name that is FUCKING HUGE and obviously a crew your not included in or ever deserve tyo be included in and then pull some stupid internet cock jocking on your own shit thats super wack......learn how to do a fucking straight letter too

  2. haha I'm sitting right beside waster right now and he's laughing at you. hahah we have completey different styles, BUT one thing we share is that both of us think you suck...no one knows who you are homie...what are you going to do get some 12 year old skater kid to beat me ass? I'll do you a favor homie, I'll be in dallas in a week, Private message me your number, and we can fight one on one. I had no problem with you until now, shit none of the shit you do bothers me, I don't ride the blue line and I don't look at biten freight styles with wack ass color schemes. Don't be mad cause I'm up all over...Don't be mad cause you have no handstyle, Don't be mad cause no one knows you outside of garland, don't be mad cause my scribes are bigger than your throwup, don't be mad cause your names taken, be mad when I beat your monkey ass. BALLLIN


    I'm NATIONWIDE HOMIE you still in garland homie...



    game fuckin over.







    ok wait wait wait.....you said your in frisco.....funny i saw waster at krunksgiving and him and his homie were playing who could the lard faster while i was scarfing down some dope ass gumbo. stop lying it doesnt make you look cool. oh and when i remarked on you acting like a scumbag to waste he agreed and said i cant help but love the kid hahaha.......scumbag




  3. hahaha.....funny i remeber erok and bjaer krushin out the highways and streets way harded in a period of 4 months then you have in the past year hahaha.......you taggers are SO silly hahaha.....also its definately a not a good idea to call them "freight homos" either because i guaranteed mr erok could burn and beat any of you weak emos kids ases in a minute so shut the fuck up and quit whining and acting like your hard and go and work on your styles rather than jocking the same shit you've been on for the past year and a half

  4. Ill sell you rustos 1.75 a piece.


    Price negotiable with a trade of some sort[/color][/size][/center][/b]


    i love this shit as soon someone says ill some rusto for 1.75 all the toys come out of the woodwork to ask if they can get some.....i love you moterhead hahaha

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