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  1. oh about the paint it goes as such......


    as far future plans for Rustoleum corporation and their valve system choices that knowledge really lies with the company itself, not with the store clerks because them bitches don't know shit. as for why new Orleans has male tips, it goes as such.....here in central Texas and i assume in other large cities in Texas, the inventory which they receive from their distribution has changed out, shipping mainly the updated female tips to stores, however in cities where there is less of a demand for paint the inventory has yet to rotate and sell through, hence why your able to find those classic cutty cans in nola......you take a trip out to the country and you might be able to find those male tips you like so much hahaha. also different distributers ship different paint and have different inventory.....Lowes seems to be doing fine on some of the classic can styles last i checked. also check small hardware stores, ace is a good one. Rustoleum has been doing some weird stuff with their paint lately but i think they'll change it up in the future, telling from the way they have been changing and evolving their products in such a short period of time, their definitely trying to reinvent their non-classic products.....and if it continues on the same path, it'll probably change even more in the coming months.

  2. dear writers,

    my fwends RULE hahahaha


    abels, hype hype it up

    sumo, why did you disappear

    cipe, fingerboard champion

    egoh, GORDITO hahahaha

    reset, dude where you at these days



    -mister fantastic-

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