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  1. bump chunk...scummy g for the win
  2. blast away! :D they put the coolest fluorescent dye in your eye to see if the paint did any damage...who looked like the terminator, I DID!
  3. "WHATweALLthink" keep stories you know nothing about to yourself, if you have an opinion feel free to voice it but keep other peoples beef out of that opinion... I'm not on here to see shit brought up, especially when what happened is misrepresented... and for the record i wasn't about to try to call the cops...i didn't care about that. i was more then happy to either leave in cuffs or on a stretcher. bottom line is handle your business and keep it to yourselves because its nobodies business but your own, period.
  4. will post smere's part of the wall when its done expect more soon
  5. Ooo good come back... Are you done...well then allow me to retort. Isn't the point to grind and make money so I can support my family...so it would suffice to say paying my parents bills is actualy a good thing... And if your gonna leave a message when you diss someone learn to spell...it's "keep talking" NOT "keep taking" and it's not "yer friend" its "your friend"...there is never an excuse improper grammar. It doesn't make you sound hard it just makes you sound ignorant. Hahaha
  6. Beef is paying my bills right now hahaha
  7. " you can continue to think that I'm some shook little toy that's afraid of beef but if your gonna "put me on blast" then i don't mind in the slightest broadcasting what i think about you on here or anywhere else. your a bitch made, "he says she says," playing, hotheaded, shit talking toy. but your just that...a toy, nothing more nothing less. stop thinking your some big in the game king shit on turd island Texas writer, your bottom of the barrel and will probably stay like that. i have no problem taking your shit out...but I'm not gonna waste my time and energy running around after a toy trying to prove a point or play some meet me at the flag pole after school type bullshit. keep talking toy, lets see if you can fill your big boy britches when i see you next. and shook has nothing to do with noel...I'm trying to figure out if I'm gonna have a problem with him after he capped some legitimate work that I've worked hard to get. but as far as i can tell your just dragging whoever is around you into your beef...no problem with noel, just with you little toy...
  8. Speaking of KITS, please don't leav your cans in the yard...especially when you tag on them >:/
  9. i am seeing an overwhelmingly large amount of garbage... *le sigh*
  10. will you be my frenemy??? ride hard live fast made fresh till the day i die...
  11. backwards seyoe=epic fail hahaha
  12. just taking a swing in the dark here but im gonna guess it was a certain Fartist named shepard fairey
  13. hahaha...ive been dealing with a lot over the past week...i'll get it updated as soon as i get a chance...
  14. hahaha...word heres a little something for the homey james at oink art...doin some work when i can
  15. got lazy hahaha isn't that a great way to start the day enjoy
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