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  1. i figured i'll try this out... a sketch a day hopefully some new funk every post


    i'll try to update every day


    comments only please


    heres a couple to get it started.


    pm me if your down to do an exchange...










    this shit is MAD FUN

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  2. some people on here need to really get off the MSK DICK already FOR REAL.... and venture out to other shit out there then to be riding these guys dick so much there not all that great theres more shit out there then thses guys.... this thread is bumping go out and look not starting shit but come on these guys arent the only ones putting out nice quality out there...



    ok two mistakes...first hate on a world famous crew and then bump your own crew in the post...weak

  3. Haha, nah azone would burn your smelly decreped dick(rollondeoderent).... PERPOSTEROUS! YYYYEEEEAAAHHH



    only from the burning itchy sensation i would undoubtly excperience 2 to 7 days after i raped and defiled his style...


    FOR THE WIN!!!!


    mashed potatoes rule...especially green chile cheese mashers MMMMMM


    haters are like assholes...everyone is one

  4. no...if gay were a piece of graffiti it would be these splashes of wildstyle puke on the wall that everyone is bumping.


    if Liberace and Sascha Baron Kohen's "bruno" were able to conceive a child they would give birth to these gay-by toys that assume its copacetic to do a piece of shit in the middle of a massive burner by a prolific freight and wall king...pathetic

  5. i like how everyone in that video is always running around...like a dude running at a dead sprint through the street in the am with a guy with a camera running behind him doesn't grab attention at all : P

  6. when someone messes with my money and my time its something a little more than personal. if i had the time and money to fix it i wouldn't sweat it...but i don't so it becomes something a little more than a simple minor inconvenience...

  7. whats the sc laX stand for.doubt it's hardcore...south central la?


    i thought it was southern cali los angeles when i first saw it but thats a beetter guess

  8. it was an attempt at coming up with a clever way to work an acronym for dnk into his reply in order to insult the opposition......instead it made him sound like he said "your a dumb shit, i eat 'black peoples butt holes'"


    that is all

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