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  1. Deano is gettin hacked all around in austin by them poder and klaro studs. shit weak. bump deano


    now why are they doing thaat......deano hasn't even lived in austin for over a year, not to mention he's one of the nicest people i've met....

  2. Alright so i have a question for all of half dead. I want to know what ALL of you think about RGK, I mean like you have to know half of them are toys (fresh went over the leopard lounge), personally i think everyone from JK can suck a fat dick with a few exceptions. And what about that night when there was supposed to be a 3 on 3 fight to settle old beef? It didn't happen like that, of course RGK had to be real men and bring 7 people, and that is only counting the kids that did fight. I say who cares if someone wentover your shit, beat them with graffiti not jump them to prove how "Hardcore" you are. Oh and does anyone remember when scizm and nesy were actually good at what they did, they used to be killers, they lost it just like half of the entire scene has been slowly loosing it. Now I hate to say this but i have lost respect for many of the writers, DOBER what the fuck happened to you? What happened to killing austin in style not with toys. Basically i just want to know what the fuck is happening to graffiti in austin and why the real writers are just sitting by and watching while all the toys take over austin and give a horrible name to graffiti, they are not writers they are taggers and should be taught a lesson in respect and style!


    ummm.....someone needs to get over themselves. nobody has killed austin with style since hd was running things. rgk isn't even a year old while hd has been around for well over 5. your talking about these kids like they were the kings of style at one point and then just dropped off when some of them haven't even been writing for year. when it comes down to it they crush and thy're willing to back their shit up. what it really sounds to me like is someone didn't have some of his his friends backing him up like he thought they would. and be the way......that leopard lounge thing isn't impressive nor is that business around anymore so get over yourself.

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