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  1. that is a suspect question- people probs think your a cop mate. but yrp have things running just not loads in this country, seen a fair bit in eastern europe.:scrambled:
  2. Jelser

    graff songs

    mr. happy- DJ Hazard is a fresh song to listen to while painting
  3. Jelser

    uk wall flixs

    All Oxford, all fairly old. "---" i think i may know you [ATTACH]79896.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]79897.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]79898.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]79899.vB[/ATTACH] Above piece from france [ATTACH]79900.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]79901.vB[/ATTACH]
  4. Palermo panels are fucking sick. word to that man, he gets up nuff times.
  5. Word to snob dws, he is sick end of
  6. One of the campest poses ever.....(phrenology's pic) ^^^^
  7. yeah liking that timo. does the train system in italy (whichever town you are in) get hit like everyday, cos you post bare panels. keep it up
  8. France, i would say, i stayed in Grenoble, a fairly big city and caught loads of panels running by the station. the yards there are fairly easy if you have a tad of expperience (and common sense). The ultimate place, i have heard from a mate who's been there is the Czech Republic, some ppl on here could correct me if im wrong, but eastern european countries are often much easier and laxed tthan the US and western Europe. Hope that helps:eek:
  9. i still dont agree with you. but can see your point. just move on rele and get on with the action flix
  10. @ skirm. im obviously not too sure about the guy who posted it, but the chap who did the piece has a flog. safe
  11. I think what them soldiers are doing is fucking disrespectful, i mean first of all, they fucking invade a country and what makes it worse is they're not even doing they're job, they're fucking doing oneliners, 1 no one gives a shit in Iraq, the place has fallen to pieces, and 2 it's just such a gay thing to do, no wonder the locals hate americans so much. wankers
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