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  1. Rich whities didn't want the chain of the old kingdom around their neck anymore so they convinced the poor whities to fight. How fighting in rags is an index of anything I don't know but then again I'm not a fucking idiot ranting and crying while trying to touch Ron Jesus Paul's testicles.
  2. smooth bruce

    Nancy Pelosi

    Wah wah wah let the tears hit the floor little guy. Orly? Keep the tears flowing. Dry those eyes little fella.
  3. smooth bruce

    Nancy Pelosi

    Because when you do you are rewarded with machetes and hollow points payed for and supplied by uncle Sam or did you miss that little thing most of us call 1950 through to 2000? Seems like a yes. Yeah the illegal immigrants are destroying the country! If only we could live in a Ron Paul paradise where the 2% of the nation that control almost everything already could control... absolutely everything. So except for the US and the Mexican elite - what an easy obstacle to redesign! Don't come here to feed your children stupid Mexicans just attempt to redevelop your society and cross your fingers about things that are unlikely to happen like mass capital flight and AR-15s pointed at your head.
  4. Actually that is pretty close to reality so the sarcasm isn't needed.
  5. That silly little piece of paper written by and for rich whities? Too bad the reality is the military are used to crush peasants but I guess in some people's eyes that is defending the country.
  6. smooth bruce

    Nancy Pelosi

    Yeah the immigrants are the reason the country is bankrupt - another Ron Paul gem? I'm sure even he doesn't adhere to that stupidity.
  7. Thanks for letting us know Ron Paul's stance on this issue!
  8. smooth bruce

    Nancy Pelosi

    Oh no illegal immigrants! Those dirty brown people from the South whose economies and societies you have relentless destroyed for several decades! They are trying to get in so that they might feed their children whoops I mean rape American women.
  9. Yeah I don't know - 12oz shit talker VS Simpson themed commuter end to end what wins? :lol:
  10. What they call a "libertarian" in the US and what most people call fucking idiots. Ron Paul is like the anarcho-capitalist/Libertarian Jesus.
  11. Whoa datz hell true yiu titally got me!
  12. And no nobody gives a fuck because its toy garbage, fuck off.
  13. Whats happening here this week? You know youre an art fag when you share a gallery show with Ron English, Fairey AND BANKSY and they all have more street credit than you. Apart from that the usual array of crap styles and shit flicks.
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