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  1. My friends sister does this.I have only known one of her boyfriends. When she was with him she was really generous. However, I think there were misconceptions on monogamy and economy. It was actually kind of interesting because she paid off his car, got a car for her sister, got glasses for his kid and a computer and stuff like that. She was really committed to him even if she was having sex with other men and women, because she does pornography as well. It was a real issue because he is divorced and the ex wife has an issue with her being a porn star. This sounds like such a trashy story bu
  2. Politiratti. Don't know if i am one, but I am personally intrigued. I think the country is growing. I know that there can sometimes be a delicate balance that I feel like can somehow be shifted. There are other things going on that kind of interest me. I think there are new congress people that were put in too. like they replaced incumbents. I try to not look to deep into it and just think of where I am going and how to make it work. I think he isn't so bad. Not the worst and not perfect. I think he is a little fucking weaker than I thought. Fuck it man it is your last term, go balls to the wa
  3. Educated for society in 1990 is misspelled......womp womp
  4. So where I live is a right to work state. Essentially it means that you can be let go for no reason whatsoever. It also means that when you get fired you are entitled to your back wages immediately. So if your fired on a Friday it is easier to put in a check request on a monday or wednesday to ensure that you pay someone off completely. Just my thoughts on why friday. plus you get a week of work out of someone while you look for a replacement so you shorten the amount of time transitioning.
  5. http://m.trulia.com/property/3082345825-4480-W-Bath-Rd-Akron-OH-44333 Link to the listing. Doesn't mention dahmer. The granite counter tops actually are pretty nice. The rest of the house kind of has a get your face bashed with a crowbar and dumped among the foliage feel though
  6. Why would ”being really into college football” be the reason someone has an opinion about pedophilia? I'm also pretty sure it was from the view point of an educator and appropriate action from there. You know.....since this happened at a school and all.
  7. Burned myself on the seats of my car today. 104 today but the sun is down now and it is super nice. It will stay over a hundred until september. Grapes in the freezer are the best snack right now.
  8. My roommate loved natto with raw egg. Didn't taste that bad actually. Just the idea of salmonella was not to appealing. Smells awful though imo
  9. That is bad for boxing. What the fuck kind of decision is that? Atleast he knows how Marquez feels. Were the fuck did he get November 10th
  10. Dear vanilla crunchy beezy, Please shut the fuck up on you geopolitical social analysis. Thanks<3 ll
  11. Every once in a while a thread like this is made and there are always comments like, ”WHY DO YOU HATE COPS/THERE ARE GOOD COPS/NOT ALL COPS ARE BAD” Perhaps I'm ignorant but the police in my city killed 31 civilians last year, including a kid handcuffed and on his knees. Maybe cops are not as trigger happy where you live and thats cool. However, a cop is still someone who controls and regulates how you live. I don't understand how you would enjoy someone controlling you. Much less someone controlling you with the constant threat of force. My cousin got placed on academic probatio
  12. Yeah but carlo was a wife beater a fucking pregnant wife beater at that
  13. So I got to about page two when the vegan/soy/man boobs/bpa/meat started. On that note my friend went to the doctor and they told him he had diabetes, take all these fucking pills/shots whatever. He is like no I'm not taking this shit I'm just a fat fuck and need to loose weight. So he just went vegan, not super strict and once a month/week? he eats whatever he wants and started working out. He went back to the doctor after losing like 40 lbs and they were like ummm no you dont have diabetes. So just eat healthy and get enough protein. Also tahini gravy is made from legumes, has tons of p
  14. Snapping turtles and frozen cookie dough.
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