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  1. i have seen several different webs and thought they were all wack, the one i met was an asshole, although i wouldnt be able to tell you which one he is. This thread is fucking gay, no one cares about any of the webs out there and i hope this thread gets shut down. fuck you all. you're stupid, die.
  2. Kwest! Cloze x3 and Bujah too! Space Lewis and King 157 nice post.
  3. dont talk shit till you can match with years in the game...have a little respect people!
  4. are we really having this conversation?
  5. i like this post, a lot of good stuff here.
  6. hmmm...sounds like you may have had somethin to do with it...there isnt anyone elses paint coming from out behind sigh... nice post!~
  7. And i thought my monday was gonna suck! very fucking nice as usual... peace to heist rip that demo, denz, bujah and friends e2e very nice crow and ridl's sign language is sick sase and snafu theory rove kwest...and what else? too many... Oh, and that Herby! dope!
  8. Oh yeah! the whole family up in here! Arest Shore Bizar Crow Ridl Find that isto is pretty tight!
  9. one liners are cool if you can pull them off and make them look really good. Otherwise...there is no point.
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