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Everything posted by phynedaze.IS

  1. oh..yeah! denz and mines killin it!
  2. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN...Trixter and Gigs!!!! Killers...
  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! that ichabod whole car! gouls daver and arek smashin! bailey should quit... and amen and isto killing the shit! keep on postin my friend :)
  4. ahhh...yes...the fake harsh...so true though.. arsen phone and eulogy space diar solid post for sure!
  5. craziness! find darks heist rip cope2 madism woer more more!!!
  6. crow! learn! tigger goes down!
  7. ...there was a theory...pretty poor though for a chicago bench. :(
  8. ok post...lotta good shit.
  9. im about to drive across the country and hit that ibox...ya'll just wait! nice post!
  10. painting engines or cabooses is not a smart thing to do. in my area, there is a lot of graffiti going on, but the police and the workers are pretty much none the wiser. they pull in line after crushed line and never pay attention to the pieces or people that they see around the yard. if someone hit an engine or an old yard caboose, or anything like that...they would be on the lookout. that means anyone---benchers, writers, hobos, or just passerby's are gonna get fucked with. also--the chances of the workers caring if they DID see someone painting a freight changes. a lot of workers dont care...but if they had to go through all kinds of bullshit because of the engine deal the next person they saw would definitely get hemmed up. no response is needed to this--for FUTURE reference...stay off engines, respect the railway workers, respect your spots and THINK before you paint. cheers.
  11. arek kwest lewis learn rite nice post
  12. hore was better... its all good, homie...just playin
  13. theres a lot of good shit here... base
  14. did you get enough tags and streaks? i mean a few are cool, but woah...you should warn people "tags'n streaks, and hardly any peices"
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