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Everything posted by phynedaze.IS

  1. aaaahhhh yeeeaahhh...i love this thread...keep em coming!
  2. Fetus and Theory Gamble Rezist and Reup Hope 4 Sigh Dego dope post.
  3. im with "john gacy" on that sour fill...the s is kinda busted though. Ridl Crow Frost Geo Space Arek i could beat the shit out of a lot of those armn ruinin, dollar store paint carryin, no style havin assholes. what a waist of a bunch of armns...if you cant paint well...go paint a hopper, nobody sees a hopper and goes "woahhhh...im gonna hit that one!" psssh...*shakes head.
  4. yup...dope and what is it with having nasty mosquito infested ditches next to the rail?
  5. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnn son!
  6. that mest and ouija lots of streaks, lots of old skool stuff, ill ass post. for the first time in a while on here, no self promo-no wack shit. happy friday to me!
  7. i never understood that...how do you 'miss' the bright red train with reflectors right in front of you?
  8. wow...we really have a gay-bashing thread on the graffiti site? :rolleyes:
  9. bump the schoolbus rockin ha ha.
  10. yeah...thats fucking interesting. nice post.
  11. Because your a dumbass for going over the numbers. A lot of good catches...dope post.
  12. yeah..that last upfe is some hot shit...or well...cold shit i guess. nice post.
  13. theres some nice shit here...for sure. nice cars too..
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