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  1. omen that shit is funny g. finally. how bout some of those classic "ass flicks" of yours???
  2. yeh that boxstars mighta caught some hate from the workers.. Virus
  3. its still garbage. far too weak to be talkin shit on any one. ^^^
  4. That Halloween bench...pumpkins are tight. RIP Heist Globe Random old trains...very nice some really good streaks all in all, interesting post.
  5. Its shite...absolute shite. ha ha.
  6. theme oh, and the kid. ;D
  7. the real harsh arek crow lots of good stuff.
  8. daaaaaaaaamn...too many to name! (oh, and the rock and roll girl-nice tits)
  9. aaaahhh...the beauty of a golden west box... isto.
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