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Everything posted by MitchThe$nitch

  1. nice, but maybe you should edit the location frek? great thread though!!!!!
  2. i smoked for 9 years, and quit 15 months ago. smartest thing i've ever done.
  3. I beg to Differ. Have you been to many KFC's? I do see nonwhites working there on the regular.
  4. Re: would you bang kimmy gibler?? heres a more updated photo of this drag queen.
  5. Re: would you bang kimmy gibler?? heres her old pik. i don't think i could ever bang her.
  6. get out more, applebeez blowz. eat shrimp any time you can - it makes you smarter.
  7. this guy told me he has a lawyer you can always use in case your keeps trippin.
  8. Sorry, I know its two posts in Channel Zero in one day, but I'm bored here at work. Seems the tanner saved by the bell cast member may be on coke, though she denies it. Attached pictures for those who forgot long lost Lark Voorhies. Would you bang her? 'Saved by the Bell' Actress Sues Tabloid Thursday June 1 1:35 AM ET Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle in TV's "Saved By the Bell," has sued The National Enquirer for libel over an article that included claims she had a drug problem. The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, was filed Tuesday in Superior Court. The suit says Voorhies, whom it describes as a "famous and popular actress," lost several "potential acting and hosting jobs" after the tabloid published a June 2005 article that said she was hospitalized for a cocaine addiction.
  9. now mitch the stich could be good. means i am hilarious or i'm injured. yeah, i take a lot of flicks on walks home from the job. i had a previous name on 12oz but lost track of it somehow - but had posted lots of flicks under the name dremster. mitch was a nice clean start.
  10. well i'm not really a snitch - but it rhymes so nicely. i could have made my name: mitch the bitch - not a good name really mitch the rich - does that make any sense? mitch the ditch - same as above am i missing some?
  11. I work from home often and end up watching Maury Povich. Whos the father - Its pricesless everytime. I also like the back room for "freak" outs when its discovered the 10th man being tested as your babies daddy is found shockingly NOT to be the father. Muary - the man - the mystery. [/img]
  12. if it took her that long to fill the job, perhaps the job blows. so don't be afraid to go back to your oil rig job bud!
  13. Don't be afraid to use LSD, thats always a shock when it kicks in an hour after lunch.
  14. dyer and echo though are not chicago.
  15. dude i check everyday for your posts. great stuff yet again!! =quality kills.
  16. had one, they all died. i can't even know where to being again. good luck though, a true interest in this can create a really nice aquarium.
  17. wow, kerse showing all kinds of letter styles. nice work!
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