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  1. dase

    Israel thread

    Dear Dash, While you hate on us regulary, your crew members still dig our shit and keep letting us know so. Unfortunelty they are afraid of you so don't do that so often like they used to, but they still do. If they think its dope, and don't call it bitin, I think it speaks for itself. Do I need to remind you Risk told you he wants to put us down with IBM one day? Without us even askin! You probably remember. And we don't wanna be down with no crew. We are AFK
  2. thanks Crystal and Justo
  3. dase

    Israel thread

    thanx^ for everybody who asked for trains... Silo16 AFK Aide
  4. dase


    thanks ceaper and spex.
  5. looks like common tho originally its Rakim
  6. snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap Izze , i've been waiting so long to see some new shit.. killing
  7. AFK's FUSE ONE for Create battle
  8. dase

    Character Post

    hot like yo' moma's lips..
  9. dase

    Character Post

    yo tomb , this joints are hot like jessica alba drinking tobasco!!
  10. all stolen from serval's myspace/website http://www.monsieurlapin.com/
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