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  1. thats fucked up..cant imagine how painful that is.
  2. I agree with pitofzombie's completely..I deal with anxiety,depression,panic attacks but i have never taken meds for that shit mainly because i have had a past of abusing drugs,and its just not worth the money. Im living in the same boat as you,no job,no car and a lack of motivation..at least you still have your sanity,there are alot of people living in this world that have no options but to become some sort of outcast to society and live on the street because they have no friends,family and no social skills to make it anywhere in life.. Just try to keep a grip on what matters to you the most,pick up an old hobby or maybe some new ones,anyone can overcome their life problems if you just apply yourself,that is if you want anything out of your life..In my situation i have alot of friends telling me that i should goto college,get a job and realize what i want to do with myself,but fuck that.. this world was built on bullshit expectations and standards that everyone has followed blindly, its very pathetic that most people cannot live without relying on automobiles,television and the acceptance from others. Hahah i just ranted up a storm..But my point is,quit worrying about petty bullshit and others opinions,just set your mind on what is important and pursue that shit whatever it may be..YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.
  3. Ive never had that stuff...but this is what i swear by
  4. I just saw this movie a few hours ago..didnt know what to expect,but it was fucking dope!
  5. That is truly devastating..loss of words.
  6. My farts still stink,and this thread is dying slowly..channel zero is boring as fuck, bring this thing back people!
  7. sad but true... tpbm went to a bar tonight.
  8. I met Terrence Williams about two weeks ago,he is playing for the worst nba team in the nation at the moment(NJ Net's)..but the guy is well respected in my book,dude wasn't a jerk like most professional athletes.
  9. Okay...Thats enough for now..Im tired of copying and pasting links,time to get off the internet.
  10. I live a few hours from indy..not the biggest fan of that place but if you ever take the drive to louisville id be willing to show you around so you can see how we do it in the midwest. /nohomo
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