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  1. im looking to make a grayscale 4-5 layer stencil. does anyone know some belton colors that will work?
  2. can anyone tell me how to refill a zig woodcraft marker?
  3. ran across these asheville trackside.. Image Gallery with PicTiger
  4. this is random but does anyone know the hip hop scene in asheville or charlotte. I heard j-5 was in asheville 2 weeks ago and im bummed i didn't have a ride to go.
  5. throw and 3 pieces i think that one piece with the blue fill i skinda wack though. Please critisize!
  6. tell me what you think. I think i should remove the extensions on c and s and make the weenie part of the r and e bigger.
  7. keeping it simple right now. I like the straight letter ones the most. I just don't know where to go from here. Any tips? BTW- ive tried more advanced stuff and i always end up with two hot letters that flow but the other 2 look like shit. Anyone got any tips on flow?
  8. commments??? I think the s is messed but other than that its seems alright to me... for a first
  9. -KARMA-

    wall coverage

    oh, i shouldve known that. thanks
  10. -KARMA-

    wall coverage

    how much coverage will you get from 400 ml of paint
  11. -KARMA-


    nice rd, this is what i was gonna paste
  12. -KARMA-


    i call him big pointing baby. Hes about 3by2 ft. and this one isn't on the streets. its on my practice wall
  13. haha ninjas rule!, i got it worked out though. i already taped the buzzer down. I'll be out and about tonight.
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