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  1. sigh killer goose on the loose elk worms arys., kem.. . .
  2. ttekr

    Kanye West

    the fact that kanye west saw black people portrayed a certain way shows that he is a racist. i saw some of the news footage, but did not see blacks or whites...i only saw people. anyone that cant see that way i feel sorry for..kanye, ive lost all respect for you.. p.s. i got out of new orleans with the help of firemen from new orleans, new york, and other areas, the national guard gave me hot food and water, along with a pack of kools from one guardsman, which came out of his own pocket....i just wanted to say thank you.. we should all do what we can to help those in need..dont let the sins of the few distract you from the many good people needing help...
  3. fuck kanye, racist ass. im boycotting all his shit. dude cant rap anywayz..p.s. they got white people living in new orleans too, and most of the people looting were black. to show an equal amount of black and white looters would be racist..ya follow? feel played if you want.
  4. im in the dallas area and lookin to get some fat caps, and also do yall got a buff over here? ive seen the buffs and was just wondering..im stranded from new orleans and just lookin to go paint to keep my mind off shit, ya know? any help would be appreciated ..tekr
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