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  1. Art just like normal, just like i left you. haha nice post man, i miss the benchin weekend trips. -CTW -Untold -berlin -kwest -afex -jraf -bnsf deuce7
  2. Wow, super fresh on the target skin. anyone have any idea when this happend?
  3. holy shit, between that birlin floater, much panel and that sane and cycle whole car; topped with the video clip of the 14 year in the making movie. i just had a heart attack, by far some of the best content iv seen.
  4. 6 months dormant and what a break in the mist. fall time special, great flicks too many to name. took 3x to view the post
  5. Awww shit, nice post Artistik Reveals Truth Inside Steel Trains Imbedded Knowledge
  6. ahh im a slacker and need to swing by
  7. ahh it happens every tuesday night at the dumpster off 18th street
  8. um mister if i see this thread start up tonight, im coming over with my computer and dumping the profits. two nights in a row of 12-6am of drunken posting, sounds like a "slumber party". Art should swing by.
  9. yea that dabs is pritty fresh
  10. artistik took his hand off his camera long enough to throw that up... he must be loosing it, missing the gems.
  11. the one on the left is my neighbor, fucking wierd bastard. when was this taken??
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