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  1. nothings hard about it once its explained... it seemed really complex until ya'll broke it down (in two sentences)... now it makes sense.. to me at least..
  2. just create a data disc instead of an audio disc with pretty much any burning software and as long as the cd player can play mp3s then you should be all set... i think..
  3. [attachmentid=30288] what should i do here?
  4. non taken whats the difference? i downloaded both bitcomet & bitlord but the bitlord download finished first and is therefore what i installed and what i am running.. what the fuck is a peer gaurdian and where do i get one? (sorry, this shit is all new to me)
  5. if i had to use dial up i wouldnt even be on the internet at all.. i just dont have the patience for that shit...
  6. ok.. thanks... i really expected it to be a lot more confusing than that.. so how is this ish different from like a limewire or something? are there a lot of viruses and ish liek there are with limewire? this is fuckin incredible...
  7. could someone please explain the whole torrent thing to me?.. and keep in mind i have no fuckin clue at all about this shit.
  8. hey mindvapors.... FL6? care to share?
  9. Business Traveller in a Boston Hotel? - 35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: pers-133970065@craigslist.org Date: 2006-02-14, 7:30PM EST Here is my proposition. I bring my pretty asian wife's pics and panties to your hotel room. We jack (ourselves) off while you look at the pics and comment on her. Daytimes, this week. See sample pic below.
  10. :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: I FUCKIN HOPE NOT :yuck:
  11. one hundred bucks - m4w - 38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: pers-134494718@craigslist.org Date: 2006-02-16, 5:03PM EST im offering 100 for a 69 from woman they must be able to cum to my place in lowell ^^^^^^ WTF? *AND THIS ONE: Please Help 25 yr Old Virgin - m4w - 25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: pers-134494072@craigslist.org Date: 2006-02-16, 5:01PM EST Please Help Me, I've never been with a woman. I'm not ugly just very shy with women. I'm 5-6 130lbs black hair and hazel eyes. Please let me know if you can help me out. I'm not picky. Thanks THIS SHIT IS FUCKED!! :haha:
  12. ^^thats fucked... ^^ n i never told anyone i was in remote when i was doin that ish... no ones fault but my own... how can i id the sound/video cards? device manager? that cpu-z? (i cant open it up and look cuz im not home) i went to that site and did that search too.. but i thought i didnt find it cuz i didnt know what the hell i was doin.. could my mb just be obsolete or something or wtf is goin on? i got my pc like 2.5 yrs ago, but it was a refurb... *if you google my mb it shows up with a bunch of how do you overclock a """"" asus mb? threads and shit
  13. [attachmentid=29805] yeah that ish isnt workin to well ... i got some error sayin no ASUS board too... but that cpu-z says thats what i have...
  14. just ran it and it kicked me off my remote session so i gotta wait til i get home to finish.... i just called my girl.. i guess it says soemthig like "your system has recovered from a serious error" on the screen... idk... im leavin work to go home and fuck with this shit now..
  15. whats supposed to happen when i run that?... i did and didnt see much of anything happen
  16. moves pretty good but i use photoshop, illustrator, a little flash (hopefully mor in the future), tryin to learn lightwave or something similar, want to get 3dsmax and learn, & sometimes fruity loops.. and i am sometimes doin a few of these things all at once.... plus web browsing... sometimes it freezes cuz i push it too hard... dont have whole lot of patients and knowing that there is better(faster) stuff out than what im running bothers the shit out of me sometimes....
  17. i love soundin like an idiot... what the fuck does overclock mean? Quoted post overclock: This is the term for running a CPU, video card, or other component faster than its rated speed. best to work into that slowly, don't go diving right in. that thing i mentioned above 'ai booster' might have come with your computers software. if not, you may be able to use it to overclock safely, but i read it sucks. still, could get some more speed outta your computer Quoted post [/b] i dont know if this means anything but it was supposed to be expandable to 1gb ram and it currently has 2gb with no problems
  18. i love soundin like an idiot... what the fuck does overclock mean?
  19. i havent even gotten past the compatibility thing yet... but i think i should be ok when it comes to handling the processor.. i have a bunch of those static bags at work so i should have that covered... and i dont really have to worry about gettin in trouble or anything, cuz, beleive it or not... i handle like 80% of the company's IT shit... im the youngest person in the co by like 20yrs and none of them no shit about computers... i used to know a lot more than i know now, cuz i had a pt job helpin this dude set up and maintain the networks at a couple schools... i lost interest after that, but then i got into graphic design so im startin to pick shit up again... so theres my life story.. shit.. :shook: sorry about that... so my mb is made by ASUSTeK and there site is all types of confusion... so ima keep diggin into that for now..
  20. it was the idea of not havin to buy anything that got me interested in this whole thing... ive ended up moving ram around between work and home to my advantage a few times and i thought it might not be much harder than that... but i have other things in mind when it comes time to spend some $$...
  21. ok... used record now... no nero... i have an external burner somewhere that uses nero... have to look for it... do i have to change the boot sequence and then just boot of the cd... is it gonna fuck up other shit with xp? can i find my motherboard manufacturer through device manager? its not as simple as the name on the shell of the pc, right?
  22. so there are a whole bunch of different linux os's? wtf? one more question: how big of a job is it to swap proccesors between two machines? i just found a pc at work with a petium 4 3.0ghz w/hyperthreading and mine at home is pentium 4 2.5 w/o hyperthreading... if its not too crazy i might try to switch em up
  23. thats pretty much what i thought... so would that external work on some copy and paste type ish or is there software that could sync the two drives? *where do i get a linux live cd?... or should i just read back a few pages and answer my own question?
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