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  1. i havent even gotten past the compatibility thing yet... but i think i should be ok when it comes to handling the processor.. i have a bunch of those static bags at work so i should have that covered... and i dont really have to worry about gettin in trouble or anything, cuz, beleive it or not... i handle like 80% of the company's IT shit... im the youngest person in the co by like 20yrs and none of them no shit about computers... i used to know a lot more than i know now, cuz i had a pt job helpin this dude set up and maintain the networks at a couple schools... i lost interest after that, but then i got into graphic design so im startin to pick shit up again... so theres my life story.. shit.. :shook: sorry about that... so my mb is made by ASUSTeK and there site is all types of confusion... so ima keep diggin into that for now..
  2. it was the idea of not havin to buy anything that got me interested in this whole thing... ive ended up moving ram around between work and home to my advantage a few times and i thought it might not be much harder than that... but i have other things in mind when it comes time to spend some $$...
  3. ok... used record now... no nero... i have an external burner somewhere that uses nero... have to look for it... do i have to change the boot sequence and then just boot of the cd... is it gonna fuck up other shit with xp? can i find my motherboard manufacturer through device manager? its not as simple as the name on the shell of the pc, right?
  4. so there are a whole bunch of different linux os's? wtf? one more question: how big of a job is it to swap proccesors between two machines? i just found a pc at work with a petium 4 3.0ghz w/hyperthreading and mine at home is pentium 4 2.5 w/o hyperthreading... if its not too crazy i might try to switch em up
  5. thats pretty much what i thought... so would that external work on some copy and paste type ish or is there software that could sync the two drives? *where do i get a linux live cd?... or should i just read back a few pages and answer my own question?
  6. excuse me for being ignorant but whats the deal with linux? advantages over windows os? im really interested in learning... another ?: i have a fuckload of files on my hd that i really cant afford to lose... graphic work ive done for people and shit... and also a lot of digi photos.... totalling prolly between 65-75 gb... whats the best, most economic/efficient way of backin up all these files?
  7. i too have dealt with this problem.... solution: tell your girl that it is completely normal to look at porn and to stop being so fuckin insecure and fuckin deal with it....
  8. so you could go to the folder... view/details... arange by date... select the old ones... shft+dlt... no harm done...? i thought all those suggestions came from Mainter... didnt even see that that was you, mv... i though maint was arguing with himself or thinkin out loud or something... my brain saw the m on your post and filled in the rest for me i geuss..
  9. [attachmentid=29495] * i know the quality is shit but im tryin to get this ish done and work at the same time so i dont have time for hosting and seperate files and all that...
  10. theres a lot of shit in there.... what is a normal number of start up items?
  11. i usually delete the cookies and temp files on the regular (and run adaware)... but wouldnt that only effect browser speeds and shit? im gonna try all this shit as soon as i get home... and then im gonna get in a fight with my girl cuz im not givin her any attention... but fuck it... if some of this ish works i'll be happy.
  12. just one... fuck... nothing i can do about that short of buyin a new pc, right?
  13. i run defrags periodically... last one was within a week or so... doesn't make much of a difference... i'll try that bootvis when i get home... i can get onto my pc at home from work but if i reboot thats pretty much the end of it so itll have to wait... thanks though... what causes that Prefetch folder to get all jacked up?
  14. now it should not matter about your boot time if you multi programs while windows is running and its slow it has to do with your memory which you have 2gb another thing it may be is the processer does your processer have hyperthreading on it if not running multi apps will not go smooth all i can say is get a new cpu be sure the motherboard and things support it (getting to techy) umm get a new computer with a 64bit dualcore processer with 4 gb of ram and you will be set Quoted post [/b] how do i find out if it has hyperthreading? the pc originally had only 512mb of ram.. i upgraded it to 2gb about 3 or 4 months ago and it use to fuckin move... it wasnt always this slow which is why im assuming some of it is reversable.... it doesnt drag, but it acts more like a machine with 512mb of ram than 2gb... and trust me if i had an extra 5k to spend i would have a pc with 4gb of ram and i lot of other fun shit too... my next few purchases are gonna be a wacom tablet and 3 17" or 19" monitors... then a new pc
  15. so if i delete everything but that file it should help? and how does that other program work?
  16. my pc takes a long fuckin time to boot up... and sometimes it gets kinda slow (mostly when i have multiple applications open at the same time)... what can i check for or do to try to speed things up a little without the risk of losin anything? [attachmentid=29488] *questions usually end with a "?"
  17. holy fuckin shit.... im a "junior member" now.... do i get a secret decoder ring or anything now... or do at least get to know the secret handshake.... i sure hope so... LENS... if it were me... it would be a tie between a & b, sp do both..
  18. if i ever found the need to carry around an extra ballbag, this would prolly be the one: *and what the hell does that kid have to do with ballbags?
  19. google is where its at when it comes to findin out shit.... word...
  20. yeah... i have a few doors open now... thanks... im pretty sure its been like that for a while (at least 2 or 3 weeks ) and im here all the fuckin time... never had a headache though.. pound per million what? symbols, did you have that whole breakdown memorized? thats some freaky shit if you did.. (sorry bout your friend)
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