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  1. blud dont think your hardcore theirs about 2 spots their. this page is a bad representation on our city. please dont think this is what the uk is like
  2. shadowman


    belive this was running last week. stolen off flickr
  3. its 2007 its like...... police are like terminators in london, choppers in the sky. this thread is a bad representation of london shits getting done. found this on another site
  4. fuck bise i use to rate him till he started living in okers arse. he use to be original now he straight bites oker.
  5. real riters?? rt!! in a underground thread lol . dont even think they have done 1 between the lot of them
  6. chek this nugget head that we have to deal with toying out our yards. ur regulare tracksuite no GCSE's dunse who aspires to be FV. keep begging it son
  7. yeh big up live photos. but not little do you know cos i herd bout the night
  8. wheres the new steel. fuck reposting flicks that have alreay been across a hunderd sites.
  9. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. ckid begs the london scene along with most the bristol heads. keep begging u bumpkins. :shakehead:
  11. i know these aint all london but i dont care.:mad: now instead of bull shit talk lets see more flicks
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