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  1. Clean ya lines up & It'll be alot better..
  2. well... it definatly aint as active as it used to be.-shrugs like A cracchead w/ epilepsy-
  3. I love when people talk about WOMD's.. When america releases depleted uranium into The earth..hmm America has also bombed over 53 countrys after WWII.... As well as destroying religious monuments in India & Afghanistan And "Suicide Terrorist" Look at all the suicide missions American agents went on.. I'm not against USA,I love it..I just hate who runs it.. "The real powers In washington work from behind the scenes" -Clintons sos..
  4. Allah is god,allah is king allah is 360 degrees of life.. For allah is A.rm L.eg L.eg A.rm H.ead my views on god and the first creation of religion,Is extremly sensitive.Know quite alot & people need to realize catholics/Christians were all part of one religion,One saw how much recognition the others getting they parted and the storys change,hmmm If people believed if they didnt go to church every sunday,Or disobey there king they would go to an eternal firey pit called hell? Of course not,Minds were weak,but very open bacc then.. If daughters were told sex is a sin &am
  5. All the "Hijacked planes" flew over the same United States airbase and vanished off of the radars for the exact same time one A lil' later. one thing to say "Operation Northwoods".. I'm associated w/ people in the revelation,Also know "Ex Demons" if you know what I'm talking about. Anyone Want more info on this stuff,Talk w/ me At ILLogicalScripts@Gmail.com
  6. lmao,man..I dont even got A good handy,Its a confused handy on if it goes to my roots of the west or east lmao
  7. jesus,Vare you honestly got one of the worst handystyles of all times!!!!!! lol serious. but on another tip,Everything on ya last one good except the V..<Off
  8. His lyrical content aint that good,obviously if he only talks about that shit... If he got more complex with it,Then maybe it'd be good What he got going for him is a goof flow,& Inner rhymes
  9. Hahaha,Well...That post count is crazy lol
  10. done last year :haha: Hahah,Last time I had my hands on A camera -shrugs- No,I dont write pesto,Was just playing round with letters
  11. That R on the sofa remind you of swerve...alot.?.haha that couch is definitly nice though
  12. Nothing to say but GO SIMPLE Keyboard letters w/ proper placement..
  13. WTF you posting in here for
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