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  1. Ok, due to today's events I've been checking out american politics... had a look at the Patriot Act. My god, talk about a licence to fuck people over The bit that caught my eye though was pretty near the top: provision to employ translators To me, it just says it all; america takes no notice of the rest of the world, unless something happens on its home ground (ie. 9/11), then america's polititians run around like chickens with their heads cut off and its war... 'oops I guess we're gonna have to know what these people are saying before we fuck them up.." No beef with you guys
  2. Shit. The most powerful nation in the world has voted the fucking 'ah'll finish what my daddy started' redneck into power. Again. Time to dig the bunker, methinks Condolences all. :mad2:
  3. I admit to not knowing a thing about american politics, but having caught the news earlier, I pity you poor sods having to choose between those two.... Quite frankly, Bush deserves to go for the Iraq debacle (as does Blair - we'll see in 2005). BUT who the hell is this Kerry guy? On snap first impressions, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him... maybe I have a real aversion to heavily religious politicians Guess its the old 'which one is the lesser tosser' voting strategy. Good luck all....
  4. OMG! I put it in the wrong thread... don't hurt me. please! lol
  5. Constructive criticism please, not just 'you're shit. hur hur hur' Peace.
  6. Hope you're feelin better nv. Glad u like the stix Chuck me some of yours too vare, and I'll stick em up in town if you like...those are a good start, I like the marker-shaped ones :stretch:
  7. Yeah, all my stuff is local... u got any flics? post em up!
  8. Mate, why aren't you out there telling writers to change their tags and not throw the same thing all time? Of course, we'll do exactly as you suggest :haha:
  9. Semi art-faggery lol ps. NV - reckon your stix'll be there this week :)
  10. more :haha: ok, enough of mine
  11. Haha ok, you asked for it lol
  12. hahahaha they just bounce, ya know
  13. Ah cheers Ving that's what I was trying to say before I got unnecesarily pissed off...oops sorry peeps. ps.anyone know whose the morrisey stencil is? that's sharp.
  14. Can personally happily confirm that for the uk... hopefully Blair'll be out soon too :love2:
  15. Ditto. I want to be able to be considered my lover's spouse with all that entails, both socially and legally. AAhhh, what they said. I've just said it all the same but differently worded.
  16. Ok, peace. Can you imagine a great big f-off dub carved into a cornfield tho? lol
  17. balls. sorry bout that. more later...
  18. okeydokie. in no particular order:
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